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TomatoFest Celebrates Local Farm Grown Tomatoes

Tomatoes were everywhere you looked – there’s no way you could have missed them. There were tomatoes all over the market this past Saturday during TomatoFest. Whether they were red, striped, green, yellow, orange or purple, it was tomato heaven.

Tomato Festival

Market customers came early for this years Tomato Festival 2014

Franklin Farmers Market

CSA customers could not resist red juicy sweet tomatoes at Allenbrooke Farm


Over 30 different tomato varieties to choose from now at the Franklin Farmers Market

Tennessee Tomatoes

Beautiful and just picked from Colbert Farm

From tasting the many samples of heirloom and traditional favorite tomatoes to enjoying fresh gazpacho and tomato jam prepared on the spot by our friends at Amerigo Italian Restaurant, TomatoFest 2014 was a big, juicy, delicious kind of a day.

Amerigo Restaurant

Amerigo Italian Restaurant Chefs Paul and Stephen used their culinary skills for great tasking tomato treats

Amerigo Restaurant Cool Springs

The sweet smell of Amerigo Italian Restaurant Chefs preparing a culinary delight

There’s no doubt that all of the tomatoes were delicious, but which ones were the absolute best to eat? We let a panel of judges decide that for us.

Tomato Festival Judges

Tomato Festival Judges had the best job of tasting all tomato tasting contest entries

Tomato Festival Volunteers

Market volunteers helped make the day a total success

Derby Jones Williamson Herald

Tomato Festival Judge Derby Jones of Williamson Herald loving some tomato tasting

Tomato Judging

Tomato Judges Nancy Williams looking on as Kari Jarrell enjoys tasting an Heirloom Tomato

And when it was all done, the judges picked the following farms as having the best ones: The Top Tomato in the heirloom category was grown by Sturbridge Farm. The second place heirloom tomato came from the Colbert Farm, while third place was won by Beaverdam Creek Farm.

Heirloom Tomato Tasting

Market customers enjoyed tasting Heirloom Tomatoes to determine which they liked best

1st Place Heirloom Tomato Sturbridge Farm

1st Place Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato went to Sturbridge Farm

Colbert Farm 2nd Place Heirloom Tomato

2nd Place Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato winner Colbert Farm

Beaverdam Creek Farm 3rd Place Heirloom Tomato

3rd Place Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato winner Beaverdam Creek Farm

But apparently, the Top Tomato contest was just a little bit harder in the standard tomato category. First place went to the Colvin Family Farm, but second place was a tie between Blooming Baskets and Allenbrooke Farm.

Colvin Family Farm 1st Place Hybrid Tomato

1st Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner Colvin Family Farm


Big and juicy sweet tomatoes from local Tennessee Farmers

Blooming Baskets 2nd Place Hybrid Tomato

2nd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner (Tie) Blooming Baskets

Allenbrooke Farms 2nd Place Hybrid Tomato

2nd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner (Tie) Allenbrooke Farms

The same thing happened with third place – it was a tie between Delvin Farms and Kirkview Farm!

Delvin Farms 3rd Place Hybrid Tomato

3rd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato Winner (Tie) Delvin Farms

Kirkview Farm 3rd Place Hybrid Tomato

3rd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner (Tie) Kirkview Farm

All in all, TomatoFest was a great day and judging by the crowd at the market, we all agree on one thing – tomatoes rule!

The market paparazzi snapped a lot of great photos at TomatoFest. Did we get one of you? Find out now with a look at the Franklin Farmers Market photo gallery!

The True Sign of Summer, The Watermelon

Delvin Farms organically grown Crimson Sweet Watermelon

Delvin Farms organically grown Crimson Sweet Watermelon grown in Harpeth river bottom soil

Nothing says summer more than a big, ripe, juicy, deep red watermelon. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the deep south or far north, everyone loves the official “fruit of summer.” My mother was a true watermelon lover. No picnic was complete without watermelon. No summer Sunday dinner was complete, until the watermelon was pulled out of the ice. With one tip of the knife, it’s cold solid mass was popped open to reveal a deep red lusciousness that would soon be running down the chin’s of every child present. The mere presence of watermelon brought on a festive atmosphere.

The choice favorite of the time was the Crimson Sweet, a largely stripped melon which was always in the “picnic family” of melons because of its high-sugar content and great flavor. Spitting seeds at the picnic also added great fun and making memories out of simple pleasures. We organically grow the Crimson Sweet here at Delvin Farms for those same reasons. The Crimson Sweet is an old favorite and thrives in the hot summer days nourished by the cool waters of the Tennessee Harpeth River. The Crimson Sweet is a classic favorite whose tradition we proudly carry on.

Another summer favorite is the sugar baby watermelon. Delvin Farms chooses to grow the La Mar seedless sugar baby. Its round, dark green outside conceals a deep red, crisp inside. Its small size, up to 12 pounds, is the perfect “refrigerator” melon that can be easily accessed and enjoyed when those watermelon cravings hit. Both varieties of melons grow well in home gardens and will fill the bill for luscious melon flavor.

Mama didn’t fancy it up with watermelon salads; the simple fruit was enough for us, but today we take the watermelon into the gourmet spotlight. Here are a couple of ways to prepare the all time favorite watermelon and bring it to the formal dinner table.

Watermelon and Feta Cheese

• 3 cups of small watermelon chunks
• 1 cup crumbled feta cheese
• 1/2 cup black olives
• Black pepper to taste (optional)
• Lime juice (optional)
Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Another Version!
• Per serving:
• 3/4 – 1 cup of cold watermelon, cubed
• 1/4 cup of feta cheese, crumbled or cubed
• 1/4 medium red onion, cut in paper-thin slices
• 1/4 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinaigrette
Place the watermelon in a bowl, top with most of the onions, then the feta cheese. Place remaining onions on top. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, and serve.


Tennessee Sweet Corn Sells Fast

Many of you came out to pick up your Tennessee sweet corn, fresh tomatoes, okra, peppers, watermelon and much more from our farmers while the rain was pouring down last Saturday morning.


It’s that time of year again!


Heirloom Tomatoes from Evans Produce


Okra from Beaverdam Creek Farm


Colorful Baby Bells now in market


Beautiful Melons from Delvin Farms


Fresh picked green beans from Colbert Farm

Many of our market farmers now have a good supply of sweet corn each market Saturday. Fortunately, the rain cleared out early, the temperatures remained nice and it turned into a very good day to be at the market.


Sweet Silver Queen Corn


Sweet Peaches and Cream Corn


Organic Summer squash from Delvin Farms


Fresh picked Jalapeno’s from Kirkview Farm


CSA pick up from Delvin Farms


Green bell peppers from Kirkview Farm


Hand made barn wood signs from Tom the Furniture Guy


Chef Michael Martin from Whole Foods our featured Chef Saturday

Of course, handing out free samples of delicious meat didn’t hurt anything either. All you had to do was take a deep breath and follow the appetizing aroma to get a mouthwatering bite of pork, chicken and steak, prepared to perfection by Chef Michael Martin of Whole Foods.


Local Tennessee farm meats full of great tasting flavor

It was Chef Saturday at the FFM and this particular day featured pork from Bear Creek Farm, chicken from Peaceful Pastures and steaks from Beaverdam Creek Farm. One bite and you knew it was top quality meat from local farms. Everyone loved it – over 1000 samples were eaten and enjoyed! Get your taste buds ready and keep watching for another Chef Saturday to take place soon!

2014-TomatoFest-flyer And next Saturday promises to be a great day at the market too especially for all of you tomato lovers as the 2nd annual TomatoFest takes place. It’s tomato heaven that gives you the opportunity to sample the many varieties of heirloom and standard tomatoes at the market. Chef Steven of Amerigo will be preparing tasty recipes featuring tomatoes and handling out samples for you to enjoy. Taste tomatoes harvested fresh and ripe by our farmers and learn more about growing heirloom tomatoes yourself with our seed saving demo by Zadock, The Natural Farmer. And for the kids, there’s free face painting and games to enjoy.

It’s all happening at TomatoFest, July 26th at the Franklin Farmers Market!


Heirloom Tomatoes from Bloomsbury Farm


Organically grown Cherry Tomatoes from Delvin Farms

Do you see yourself or friends from Saturday in the FFM Photo Gallery?

Peak Season for Local Farm Food

Hot market, but oh-so-cool local farm food. It’s the peak season for the best of summer veggies and that made it worth the while to brave the nasty heat last Saturday and come out to the market. The FFM looked like a foodie’s dream come true – tomatoes of all varieties, sweet corn on the cob, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, okra, blueberries, blackberries, carrots, green beans, peaches – you name it and it was there. The very best in fresh food straight from Tennessee farms.


Squash and tomatoes from Allenbrook Farm


New arrival of Tennessee Corn from Kirkview Farm


Farm Fresh produce from Colbert Farm


Fresh picked squash and zucchini from Sturbridge Farm


Beautiful Okra from Colbert Farm


Fresh picked Blueberries from Blue Honey Farm


Sweet peaches from Kirkview Farm


Bountiful CSA’s from Delvin Farms


Fresh farm produce from Beaverdam Creek Farm


Peas and lima’s from Kirkview Farm

Even though it was a hot, sweltering kind of day last Saturday, everyone seemed to be handling the heat with no problem. Lots of smiles and lots of people at the FFM, so naturally we had to take some photos. Did we catch you smiling? Take a look at the market’s big photo gallery and find out!


Loving a farm Sunflower


Found the perfect 2 tomatoes I like!


Hank resupplying organic potatoes


Karen’s wonderful tasting Tomato Pie from Norton Family Farm

Tomatoes large and small, red or yellow, heirloom or standard varieties – it really is tomato season at the market. We love tomatoes and the different recipes you can use them in, like the tomato pies that Norton Farm had this past Saturday. A ripe juicy tomato straight from the garden is the ultimate summer treat and that’s why we celebrate the tomato. July 26th, join in the fun at the Franklin Farmers Market TomatoFest. Our friends from Amerigo know a thing or two about tomatoes and they’ll be demonstrating the different ways to use tomatoes in delicious recipes. There will be heirloom tomatoes to sample, demos on seed saving and a fun kids’ area too. It’s all happening July 26th – TomatoFest at the FFM!


Juicy just picked red tomatoes from Colbert Farm

Tomatoes, White and Blueberries!

It really was a Kodak or Pintrest moment – the red tomatoes and yellow squash, green cucumbers, purple beets and blueberries.


100% organically grown tomato from Delving Farms


Colvin Family Farm cucumbers and squash


Fresh picked cucumbers from See Sun and May Lo farm


Best crop of blueberries in years from Blue Honey Farms


Beets for salads from Bloomsbury Farm

It was a colorful, picture perfect 4th of July weekend day at the Franklin Farmers Market this past Saturday, with a huge array of summer’s finest produce and fruit. From cauliflower to peppers and blackberries to peaches, practically everything foodies crave could be found at the market.


Organic Cauliflower from Delvin Farms


Allenbrooke Farm Cayenne peppers


Sweet peaches from Kirkview Farm


Fresh carrots from Bloomsbury Farm

The long holiday weekend and great weather made for big smiles all around the market too. For proof of that, just take a look at our market photo gallery. What a great day!


Red, White and Blue


Is a peach cobbler in the works?


Beaverdam Creek Farm Sunflowers


Extremely sweet tomatoes now coming to market

Tomato, toemato- makes no difference in how you pronounce it because both mean you’re getting ready to eat something really good. It’s the perfect time of the year for tomato lovers. You can find tomatoes in all colors, sizes and varieties at the market now. The tomato truly is the king of summer produce and as such, deserves to be celebrated. So join us on July 26th at the market as we pay homage to the tomato with TomatoFest. Lots of good heirloom tomatoes to sample, kids’ activities and much more. Rumor has it that some “rotten tomatoes” may be flying around too! It’s all presented by our good friends at Amerigo, July 26th at the FFM.


Tomato heaven from Delving Farms


Heirloom tomatoes from Evans Produce

Just a reminder that the July classes at our Growing Kids Educational Garden will begin this Tuesday. From “bees please!” to melon mania, the classes at the kids garden are a fun and interactive way for kids to learn more about the environment and where their food comes from. Visit our Kids website page to get more info and sign up for classes!


As you know nothing seems to be authentic these days, these beautiful hand crafted signs are made from real Tennessee reclaimed barn wood and hand painted by Tom the Furniture Guy