Legacy Acres Alpacas

We traded suits and heels for long johns and warm sweatshirts when we began Legacy Acres Alpacas Farm over 11 years ago. To us, it’s much more than a farm. We gave up corporate jobs and routines to become alpaca farmers. It’s our chosen lifestyle and we love it.

Give or take a few, we maintain a herd of 40 delightful alpacas here on Legacy Acres Alpacas Farm. While some are for breeding, most of them provide the wonderful fiber that we use to create yarn, scarves, shawls and more. We have a large flock of chickens and two Great Pyrenees that watch over everything for us here at Legacy Acres Alpacas Farm. Tax records call them all livestock but to us, they are family. We know them all by name, at least the alpacas and the dogs. The antics, personalities and beautiful eyes of the alpacas put a smile on our faces almost every day.

Legacy Acres Mill became a reality four years ago. We can now take the raw alpaca fiber and turn it into yarns, roving’s, or felted sheets. Our herd is shorn once a year, which provides us with many pounds of fiber. We can spin yarns of many sizes or felt. We dye or mix natural colors. We imagine the possibilities every day, working to use all of the fiber - from the very fine to create scarves and shawls to cuddle the body; the courser fiber for rugs and the fluff for dog beds. And we use the felt for that warm boot insert that keeps your toes warm on the coldest winter day. Alpaca fiber is soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fiber. It is much warmer than sheep’s wool; it’s not prickly and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. With Legacy Acres Alpaca products, you’ll be happy and warm all winter long – come see us at the Franklin Farmers Market.

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