West Wind Farms

For years, Ralph and Kimberlie Cole served as environmental professionals in Oak Ridge. But they both had a goal to do more with their knowledge of environmental protection and sustainability. So over 18 years ago with little more than a dream and a prayer, Ralph and Kimberlie started West Wind Farms. In just six years after its beginning, West Wind Farms became one of the first meat and poultry farms in the U.S to be certified organic, exceeding the USDA’s new organic standards. It took many years of both farming and working full time jobs off the farm to self-finance their dream, but the Coles did just that, making West Wind Farms an idea made into reality. Now Ralph and Kimberlie are full-time farmers, achieving their vision to live their lives in a way that ever-increases production over consumption and serves the needs of their community in a very real and lasting way. The Coles have an unwavering commitment to high quality farm goods, organics, local food systems, animal welfare, and the environment.

West Wind Farms is so much more than just dinner. It’s likely that West Wind Farms is the most sustainable company – large or small – that you will ever do business with. Every dollar spent with West Wind Farms provides you not only with exceptional high quality food, but also benefits your neighbors and strengthens your community. West Wind Farms’ social and environmental stewardship as a food producer, service provider, employer and land manager also helps to keep its prices in check, even while utility, fuel and supply costs increase. The farm’s sustainability performance is routinely monitored and reported annually for you to see. Doing good things for your community and neighbors doesn’t get any more delicious than that!

West Wind customers are adamant supporters of the farm and work of the Coles because West Wind Farms delivers more. Ralph and Kimberlie attribute the success of their farm to their customers’ commitment to the same values that they themselves hold. West Wind Farms’ delicious meats and poultry certainly make it easy too! Feel good when you buy from West Wind Farms.


100% Grass-fed. Dry-aged, USDA Choice Grade Beef
Pasture-raised Heritage-breed Berkshire Pork
Pasture-raised Chicken
Pasture-raised Turkey
No-sodium-nitrate-added Specialty Meats
5 Different CSAs
Free-roaming Hen Eggs and More
Unpasteurized Milk Products & Other Pet Foods


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