Alchemy of Sol Soap Emporium

Soap making is our passion and Alchemy of Sol Soap Emporium has been handcrafting all-natural shea-butter soap for over 20 years. Our soaps are created with rich, nourishing vegetable oils and vegan and vegetarian ingredients. Our soaps are long-lasting, earth-friendly and biodegradable, creating billowy clouds of lather. Step up to the goodness and richness of what handmade soap is all about. Your skin will thank you.

Base oils are everything. We love using only premium, organic oils. Our soaps are GMO Soy-Free. No synthetic fragrance. No flashy mineral pigments. No Synthetic Anything.  Alchemy of Sol Soap Emporium is committed to producing the best quality soap possible.

We cast our soap traditionally in 100 pound batches, into 50 pound blocks, in a cold-process method. This creates enough heat to transform our carefully chosen oils into rich, luxurious soap. Our blocks are hand-cut into logs, cut into bars, stacked and cured. It takes time to create a great bar of soap.

Our all-natural, soy candles are crafted with certified, Non-GMO, USA grown, kosher soy wax, pure essential oils, cotton wick and recycled glass. Our candles are guaranteed to bring many hours of burning pleasure.

We're proud to say that Alchemy of Sol Soap Emporium is a true family endeavor between mother and son. We are delighted each day with the kind words and appreciation of our customers who trust us to create a rich, soothing soap for their dry, sensitive skin. Thank you for your support and allowing us to continue to be a part of this wonderful market.

Kind regards,
Linda and Ian Morse

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