Red Cedar Bison Ranch

Who knew “where the buffalo roam” is right here in Middle TN? Though we Americans use the term interchangeably, bison and buffalo are two very different animals. The owners of Red Cedar Bison Ranch, Brock Hughey and Dennis Fioravanti, will tell you all about their bison and why you should choose this healthy red meat for your next meal. As the Grand Champion of the 2016 Local Farmers’ Chili Cook-off, they may even divulge their famous chili recipe!

Red Cedar Bison is a second-generation family business owned and operated by Brock Hughey and Dennis Fioravanti in Chapel Hill. Dennis and Brock are passionate about raising their bison naturally and sustainably. Not only is this healthy for the environment, but it is healthy for you! Bison meat is the new healthy red meat because of its great source of nutrients: zinc, niacin, iron, vitamin B6 and selenium. Red Cedar Bison does not believe in finishing with GMO grains. The bison are fully grass-fed and finished, and bison that are raised and finished on grass have a lower fat (1.7% versus 2.2%), lower monounsaturated fat (35.4% versus 46.5%) and lower calories (133 kcal versus 141 kcal). (Source: North Dakota State University, Nutritional Science and Dietetics). Grass-fed and finished bison has a healthy Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acid ration of 4:1 or less versus the unhealthy ratio of 20:1 of grain fed and finished bison.

The bison on Red Cedar Bison Ranch are raised as nature intended. They roam freely on pesticide free pasture with minimal interference. Dennis says, “Sustaining our land is a core principle to Red Cedar Bison Ranch. We manage our land and animals with the vision of creating a natural lifestyle for our bison. Our ranching creates a sustainable eco-system for all creatures great and small, while giving our bison ample room to roam.” And where the buffalo (or bison) roam, truly is home.

Red Cedar Bison recognizes that the majority of Americans have never tried bison meat, and they strive to bring samples to the Franklin Farmer’s Market so that customers can taste that this healthy red meat also tastes delicious. Find Red Cedar Bison every Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market.

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