Triple L Ranch

For nearly 50 years, Triple L Ranch has been raising cattle using natural methods. Our family farm is on the outskirts of Franklin, Tennessee and it’s not just a business. It’s our home. From beginning to the present, the Triple L Ranch has always been an endeavor for our whole family. All fences, barns, corrals and structures have been built over the years by our family and our family has always handled all related Triple L Ranch farm work. Steven Lee manages the farm and maintains sustainable practices for raising the cattle. Triple L Ranch is designated a Master Beef Producer. Our cattle are raised humanely, in green pastures, never in small pens or barns. We’ve chosen natural production methods. Our cattle live outside on large pastures, with most nutrition coming from grass and grass hay. The result is healthier cattle and a more environmentally friendly use of the farm land.

At Triple L Ranch, we never use growth hormones or antibiotics. We are dedicated to raising top-notch tender beef with unsurpassed flavor.  In addition to natural beef, we also raise all natural free range chicken. Plenty of Tennessee sunshine, grass and natural insects for our chickens help make Triple L Ranch chickens different from anything you can buy from a grocery. Our natural meats are processed locally at USDA facilities and a variety premium cuts are available. We’re at the Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays. Visit our website at


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