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Should Dogs be allowed at the Franklin Farmers Market?

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Since it began in 2002, the Franklin Farmers Market has allowed customers to bring their dogs with them to the market. The market was much smaller then and crowds were not an issue. But the Franklin Farmers Market has now grown into one of the largest farmers markets in the state. The number of people visiting the market each Saturday has skyrocketed and so has the number of dogs that come with their owners. It gets pretty crowded under the market shed with people, dogs and little kids. The number of people voicing concerns over sanitary and safety issues  with the pets has risen substantially this year.  The Franklin Farmers Market board has been debating what to do about the problems with the dogs and have now decided that the best course of action is to ask what you think about the problem. Do you bring your dog to market? Should dogs be allowed at the Franklin Farmers Market or should they be banned? Tell us what you think. For the next three weeks, we will conduct a survey to find out what you think about the dog issue. You can fill out a comment form at the market’s info booth on Saturdays from 8am – noon or send an email to voice your opinion to lisa@franklinfarmersmarket.com .The board of the Franklin Farmers Market will discuss the results and suggestions from the survey and announce a decision on the dog issue the first week of December.