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Winter Produce, Canned Goods, Fresh Baked Food and Tennessee Maple Syrup!

Franklin Farmers Market

Snow covered Franklin Farmers Market sign

First, we say thanks to everyone who came out to the Franklin Farmers Market during the recent blizzard. Okay, we’re exaggerating, but the snow did fall during the first hour of the market this past Saturday. Of course, that made munching on a warm sweet treat from Ellie’s Old Fashion Doughnuts or Crêpe A Diem’s Bacon Bella crêpe even better. And when it’s a cold winter’s day, it’s just natural to crave comfort foods, like a warm bowl of homemade soup or fried chicken and biscuits. That’s why River Cottage Farm’s chickens were so popular, along with homemade breads from Jones Mill Farm.

Charlie Hatcher crepe

Charlie Hatcher enjoying a crepe

Franklin Farmers Winter Market

This little one was bundled up tight between Mom and Dad

Ellie's Old Fashioned Doughnuts

Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts hot and fresh

Lucy's Kitchen Soups

Lucy’s Kitchen soups ready for you tummy

Jones Mill Fresh Baked Breads

Jones Mill fresh baked breads are great with farm made soups

Even though the winter veggies at the market are tasty and fresh, some of you are getting a little anxious for warmer weather and the garden goodies that go with it.  Everyone’s a little hungry for spring, but we do have a solution to getting the most out of winter veggies and liven things up for your taste buds.  Just be a little creative. Use your imagination and prepare the carrots, cabbage, squash or other winter vegetables in different ways. From soups to salads, main dishes and even desserts, you can find recipes for hundreds of different ways to prepare winter veggies.

Hummus Chick Hummus

Hummus Chick Hummus is always fresh from her kitchen

Kennys Farmhouse Cheese

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese are provided by Moonshadow Farm

Jones Mill Flourless Chocolate Cake

Jones Mill Flourless Chocolate Cake with a touch of Expresso

Jones Mill Chicken Salad

Jones Mill chicken salad and pimento salad are fresh made right from Judy’s kitchen

Tennessee Free Range Eggs

Tennessee Free Range Eggs from Pilgrims Produce

Farm Ground Corn Meal

Farm Ground Corn Meal and Grits from Beaverdam Creek Farm

To get you started, we’ve got a recipe for you. Pick up some butternut squash and carrots on your next trip to the Franklin Farmers Market and prepare this special Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup. It’s mouthwatering delicious!

Tennessee Maple Syrup

Tennessee Maple Syrup from Pilgrims Produce

And here’s something else to put on the list when you come back to the market – Tennessee maple syrup. That’s right – it’s Tennessee maple syrup, not Vermont or Canada. It is lip-smacking delicious for pancakes and waffles, but don’t dilly-dally about picking up a bottle. Pilgrims Produce Farm only tapped about 20 gallons of maple syrup this year, so it going to go quickly!

And finally, here’s another thought about spring – it’s time to get the kids in the garden. Look for information on the Growing Kids Educational Garden at the end of February. It’s a delicious way for kids to learn more about food, nutrition and the environment. Think Spring! And don’t forget to check out Saturday’s market day pictures.

Lucy's Kitchen Muffins

Lucy’s Kitchen Muffins always fresh baked

Flying S Farm

Catherine of Flying S Farms delivering an order of Valentine Day Cookies

Beaverdam Creek Soap

Beaverdam Creek Soap


Go Farm Fresh for Super Bowl Sunday Snacks


Kirkview Farm fresh cabbage, carrots, squash and potatoes

Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market was windy and chilly; Sunday was sunny and very pleasant and today we’re back to shivering and freezing. At least the weather hasn’t kept our farmers from growing tasty winter vegetables for you.

We saw a lot of people taking home goodies like cabbage and carrots, beets and winter squash from such farms as Delvin Farms, Paradise Produce and Kirkview Farm.


Delvin Farm organic cabagges


Paradise Produce winter greens, carrots and beets


Flying S Farm Supper Bowl Cookies…Place you order now!

And many of you are already thinking Super Bowl Sunday snacks. There were plenty of folks stopping to sample the tasty goodies from BB’s Gourmet Pretzels which are perfect for munching in front of the TV. And did you see Flying S Farms’ Super Bowl cookies?  Too cool!

Goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy is also a good choice to make delicious snacks for football days.


Goat cheeses from Noble Spring Farms


Organic Salza from Delvin Farms for Super Bowl Sunday


Fresh made kitchen salads and pimento cheese spread from Lucy’s Kitchen


Lucy’s homemade soups

biscuit sandwiches

Hot biscuit sandwiches from Biscuit Love

Of course, when the weather is cold like it has been this month, there are some delicious ways to stay warm at market.

There are the hot delicious biscuit sandwiches from Biscuit Love, sweet warm treats from Ellie’s Old Fashion Doughnuts and the absolute best homemade rolls with Triple L Sausage patties from Jones Mill Farms.


Muffins and cinnamon rolls from Lucy’s Kitchen


Home baked cookies from Flying S Farm


Fresh made Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts


Hand knitted Alpaca Fleece garments from Legacy Acres

But the other big hit at the market this past Saturday had nothing to do with food. Legacy Acres Alpaca Farm booth was the place to be. Alpaca fleece is very soft and extremely warm. All the hats, gloves, scarves and other Alpaca goodies from Legacy Acres can make a chilly day downright pleasant.

All in all, this January is the coldest we’ve had in a long time but that hasn’t stopped the smiles at the market every Saturday. Take a look at the market’s photo gallery and see if we caught you or someone you know smiling at the market. Our thanks to you for coming out on chilly days to the FFM and supporting Tennessee farmers!

You can visit our Saturday market photos to see who was at market.


Everyone’s best friend was a propane heater on Saturday!

Baby Calf has a Name and Farmers bring Farm Fresh Produce to Market


It was another cold day at the FFM

Mother Nature has been a bit grumpy and unpredictable this winter. The chilly wind blowing through the Franklin Farmers Market this past Saturday was proof of that. It’s the sort of weather that calls for a good dose of comfort food and that’s what everyone was getting at the market. Instant warm-ups, like those hot doughnuts from Ellie’s Old Fashion Doughnuts or Jones Mill Farm’s sourdough rolls with Triple L Sausage definitely qualified as comfort food. So did the hot chocolate from Ridiculous Chocolate and warm freshly prepared cornbread, made with Beaverdam Creek Farm’s special mill stone ground cornmeal.


Warm doughnuts and hot coffee from Ellie’s


Stone Ground Cornmeal and Grits from Beaverdam Creek Farm

Veggies, like potatoes and cabbage to make homemade soups. Great meats, like a chuck roast for a warm delicious meal.


Organic Cabbage from Delvin Farms


Delvin Farms Organic Potatoes


Tender tasty fresh beef from Bear Creek Farm


Homemade soups from Lucy’s Kitchen


Kenny’s Cheeses from Moonshadow Farm

And the vivid orange carrots and green Brussels sprouts offered a little tease of spring with their bright colors.


Garlic, Turnips and Tomato Sauce from Delvin Farms


Winter Squash from Delvin Farms


Delvin Farms Brussels Sprouts

Here’s a question for you: You don’t see any flowers growing or green leaves on trees, so how do vegetables grow during the winter? We overheard that very question being asked at the market this past Saturday. Are those veggies grown somewhere else in warmer weather and then shipped in to Tennessee? The answer to that question is no. Some vegetables, such as cabbage grow much better in cooler weather. But when the weather gets a little cold, row covers and hoop houses go over the top of the plants to protect them. The coverings help the plants to get a little more warmth from the sun and protection from frost too. So what you see in the FFM during the winter really is grown on a local farm.


Call me Buttermilk!

And finally, the voting is over and the little calf at Triple L Ranch is no longer without a name. Say hello to Buttermilk. The top seven names in the Name the Calf contest were Ollie, Jasper, Ace, Leo, Oliver, Bartholomew and Buttermilk. Who submitted the winning name? It was actually Ann Lee of Triple L Ranch. Ann put the name Buttermilk in the poll as a little joke, because the calf is neither a heifer nor a dairy cow. But that kind of backfired, because Buttermilk was voted as the favorite name for calf.  The runner-up in the contest was the name Bartholomew, which was submitted by Savana Stroud. So the Lee family has awarded the prize of a day at the Triple L Ranch to Savana. Our thanks to everyone who voted in the Name the Calf contest!

The Franklin Farmers Market is community driven Saturday morning farmers market bringing together the best local farmers in the state of Tennessee.  Visit our photo gallery and farmer profiles to learn more about Tennessee farm fresh produce and meats.


Fresh lettuces from Paradise Produce


Farm fresh eggs from River Cottage