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  • Jerry Read - Rating: 5/5

    Today Jerry Reed the Actor and Musician would have been 79 years old. Jerry was very instrumental in the establishment of the Winter Market. There were three of us who started the Winter Market. Jerry was always there when he was physically able to encourage and entertain us. He would buy what he referred to as “Groceries” each Saturday. Some Saturdays we only had 2 or 3 Customers. Jerry and his little Poodle would spend the day with us and buy something from each of us. Happy Birthday! Rest in Peace My Friend!

    J. R. Stroud, LaVergne

  • Brentwood - Rating: 5/5

    The Franklin Farmers’ Market improves one’s standard living by a couple notches. I don’t like to think about what I would do if I didn’t have the FFM to go to every Saturday morning. The farmers there are truly committed to providing their customers with produce, meat and dairy products that is better than organic. They truly care about the water and the soil; and the food they grow is as nutrient-dense, fresh, and delicious as possible.

    Lori Waite, Brentwood

  • What a pleasant surprise! - Rating: 5/5

    They must go to spot for out-of-town visitors. I’m visiting family in Franklin and this is a trip first trip to the Franklin farmers market for all of us. Every vendor was legitimate and every single vendor was nice, inexpensive, and knowledgeable! We could have spent all morning at this gem, hiding just behind The Factory. Next time we go we will bring a big bag to carry produce or maybe a bag with wheels. Thank you for bringing such a perfect and honest farmers market to franklin.

    Nancy, Atlanta, GA

  • Old Hickory - Rating: 5/5

    Spending the day at the opening of The Franklin Farmers Market 2015 season was so much fun! The quality and variety of produce, food and artisan crafts is unmatched. It’s a treat to come out every Saturday to discover what’s new and meet all the the wonderful vendors. Stop missing all the fun! Bring your family and make some new friends at The Franklin Farmers Market every Saturday.

    Jeanne Floyd, Old Hickory

  • Franklin Farmers Market "Fun time for all!" - Rating: 5/5

    Saturday morning at the Franklin Farmers Market is a must do! The market pulls together a rich diversity of products from local farmers, artisans and craftspeople. This year round market has something for everyone in your family.

    eric, Old Hickory

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