Ace’s Kettle Corn

Ace’s Kettle Corn, Inc was created in 2003 by Ace Wilson. Ace has worked carefully to perfect the corn recipe for our famous kettle corn and to build the business into what has become a community Kettle Corn favorite today. It’s a family business, with two of our children working with Ace at different Tennessee Festivals, Fundraisers, Community Events and the Franklin Farmers Market. And although the younger two of our children can’t help with the kettle corn yet, they make cute models on the Ace’s Kettle Corn website:  We are very active in the local community around Franklin and Nashville Tennessee. Ace’s Kettle Corn is a proud supporter of Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and such projects as the Save the Franklin Theatre project.

Through the years, Ace’s Kettle Corn has become a staple at festivals, athletic events, concerts and it’s a popular request for special gifts. It’s perfect for parties, school functions, favors, customized business gifts and special holiday treats. Whether it’s an online order, purchased at the Franklin Farmers Market or at an event, you can be assured that we never compromises on quality. Ace’s Kettle Corn is made with only the finest ingredients.  We believe so strongly in our quality and customer satisfaction that we put our name on it! Get your Ace’s Kettle Corn this Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market.

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