Purple Tree Farm

Our Tennessee Purple Tree Farm is located in rural Bedford County, we erected our first Purple Tree Farm greenhouse in 2000. By 2006 we’d added three more greenhouses for a total of 7,400 square feet of controlled Purple Tree Farm growing space under plastic, and an additional irrigated half acre outside.

Whether you’re looking for a hanging basket for the porch, potted herbs for the kitchen, tomato and vegetable slips (for the home or market gardener), or some seasonal beauty, our Purple Tree Farm offers gorgeous Tennessee locally grown varieties of plants.




  • Ornamental hanging baskets, wave petunias, ferns and more
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Potted herbs
  • Assorted vegetables


  • Large assortment of hanging baskets
  • Fresh sunflower stems and other cut flowers
  • Herbs: multiple varities of basil, rosemary and much…much…More!


  • Chrysanthemun’s in all colors
  • Pumpkins
  • Winter pansies
  • Poinsettias

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