Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts

Owner/baker Danny Tassone founded Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts in 2010. Danny comes from an Upstate New York family with decades of experience in the high-quality grocery, farming, and food business.

Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts is dedicated to serving the Middle Tennessee area, and beyond, with high-quality ingredients that satisfy the sweet tooth!

We serve a variety of old fashioned cake doughnuts, which are always freshly made on location! To complete the old fashioned experience, we serve Ellie’s Organic Coffee, our special organic blend that’s good enough to dunk in!!

Whether you enjoy something out of the ordinary, like our Pumpkin or Blueberry Pancake Doughnuts, or just something simple like our Classic Original Doughnuts coated in sugar/cinnamon, every bite harkens back to a time when American foods thrived on high-quality/no-compromise ingredients.

Our high-quality standards and clean-cut mentality make Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts the perfect compliment for wedding celebrations, business parties, or other special events. Our catering options include freshly made, on location service, or pre-order delivery/pickup.

You can find our Mobile Bakery producing fresh, high quality, unique, and delicious doughnuts every Saturday, year-round, at the Franklin Farmers’ Market!

Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts can also be found serving our “Sweet Babies”, our take on the mini doughnut, at all of the Franklin Street Festivals, as well as other festivals and fundraisers in the Middle Tennessee area.

If you are interested in having Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts at your wedding celebration, business party, private event, etc. Please contact us via email at ElliesDoughnuts@gmail.com.

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7 testimonials

  • The best! - Rating: 5/5

    Believe it or not, Danny’s vegan donuts are every bit as good as the non-vegan ones…actually I prefer them. I would go out of the way to purchase these and share them with folks who haven’t discovered what a treasure Ellie’s donuts are! Danny is a great guy, full of integrity and always smiling!

    Neil R Andrews, Franklin

  • Amazing donuts and customer service - Rating: 5/5

    Best donuts in town and even better customer service!

    Eric van Schaik, Thompsons station

  • Ellie's - Rating: 5/5

    Ellie’s Doughnuts are the reason I go to the Franklin Farmers Market. They are the only donut I will eat, and my family is in love with them. They even freeze great, so buy a dozen extra for when you want to share with someone during the week, because if you dont, they will be eaten before Monday morning rolls around.

    Karen, College Grove

  • Love it - Rating: 5/5

    First time I tasted, these donuts very tasty and love it.
    Especially when offered with smiles, it tastes much better.

    veeru, Franklin

  • The best! - Rating: 5/5

    I drive 3 hours from Alabama for these donuts…they are better than my grandmother’s!

    Cam, Centre

  • Delicious Wake-Up Call - Rating: 5/5

    This stand alone gets my sleepy-headed teenagers out of bed and on their way to the market. It’s a family favorite!

    Amy, Brentwood

  • Delicious! - Rating: 5/5

    Nostalgic for the best Old Fashioned Donuts? One donut from Ellie’s and you’ll be hooked. They always provide big smiles, friendly service and quality products! So why are you waiting? Go get some!

    Eric, Nashville

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