Little Spring Creek Farm

Little Spring Creek Farm works to provide top quality meat, milk, eggs and fresh farm produce. Brandon Williams comes from horse-powered dairy farming background. They farm naturally in Perry County Tennessee, using organic practices such as crop rotation, composting, cover crops and much. The result is beautiful, healthy delicious fruit and produce, from asparagus to zucchini and everything in between.

Pilgrim’s Produce also has pastured chicken and duck eggs, along with raw unpasteurized grass fed dairy products through their goat and cow herd share program.

Brandon raises free range hogs and chickens that get non GMO feed. Their beef is 100% grass raised and finished, with no grain ever. Little Spring Creek Farm is dedicated to providing you with the healthiest food possible. Look for Little Spring Creek Farm at the Franklin Farmers Market each Saturday.


2 testimonials

  • Great Farmer - great products! - Rating: 5/5

    You have to try their cow and goat milk products and they are always super helpful! Love having them at the Farmer’s Market and the are a weekly staple. To Little Spring Creek Farm: Thank you for the love and care you give as a Farmer!

    Joanna Matherly, Franklin

  • Happy :) - Rating: 5/5

    Little Spring Creek Farm found a forever customer! They were great to help, quick and informative and the products they offer are amazing and satisfying.

    Courtney, Franklin

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