MoonShadow Farm

MoonShadow Farm came to be on a cold wintery day upon a piece of land considered by most as over-priced, over-grazed and a little desolate.  But we saw something different and by using sustainable agriculture methods, MoonShadow Farm is now a healthy and happy place to be. Our farm has lush beautiful pastures and hay fields.  Our garden is watered with harvested rain water and no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or non-organic approved pesticides are used in any of the growing areas. Our signature products are farm fresh eggs produced by our pastured hens on MoonShadow Farm and our honey products made from our happy honey bees.  We also have herbs, garden vegetables, fruit and nut trees. MoonShadow Farm's hens are out in pasture from dawn until dusk. They feast on bugs, worms, native grasses and an organic grain food plots we plant each spring and fall.  Our vegetables and herbs grow from non-GMO and organic seeds in home-made compost and worm castings from Jim's worm factory. We offer Honey Sea Salt Scrubs, salves and lotions featuring MoonShadow honey and or MoonShadow bees wax. Our homemade candles are made from 100% non-GMO soy wax or bees wax. Coming soon, we will offer jars of our sweet delicious honey. We love the Franklin Farmer's Market and are so thankful for all the support we have from our customers and fellowship from other farmers, bakers and artisans.  Sometimes when it is so cold at the winter market, I have to wonder “why do we do this?” But then I see our thankful loyal customers, smiling and thanking us for being there. And I see other vendors, my friends and peers, young and old all doing what they love and so it goes... We’ll see you at the market! Brenda Aiken Sweeny & James O. Sweeney Proud and loving stewards of MoonShadow Farm by the Grace of God



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