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Leg of Lamb Roast with Spring Market Vegetables

Leg of Lamb Roast with Spring Market Vegetables

Serves 6-8

Enjoy this delicious Leg of Lamb Recipe with market vegetables all from the local Farmers of the Franklin Farmers Market

One of the reasons I love Spring so much is the arrival of the first of the season vegetables, especially those beautiful little carrots! And roasting them until tender and slightly charred makes them all the more delicious. Carrots, Potatoes, and Cabbage are the perfect pairing for this Easter Lamb Roast, giving an earthy balance to the rich meaty flavor of the lamb. For this recipe, I’m using lamb from Tavlin Tails Farm that I picked up at the Franklin Famers Market, but there are other great local producers which offer lamb as well, such as Bear Creek Farm, River Cottage, Hatcher Family Dairy, and Peaceful Pastures. I also picked up cabbage and potatoes from Kirkview Farm and the little carrots are from Rosecreek Farm. 

For the lamb

1 6 lb bone-in leg of lamb
1 tbl kosher salt
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
3 cloves of garlic, smashed
fresh rosemary and thyme sprigs
fresh ground black pepper
2 tbls olive oil
For the vegetables
1 bunch of spring carrots, washed, unpeeled (you might need to cut some larger ones in half)
3 lbs golden potatoes, cut into 1/4s
1/2 small green cabbage, cut into thick slices
1 tbl olive oil
2 tsp kosher salt
fresh ground black pepper






Heat the oven to 350F. Cover the bottom of a roasting pan with one sheet of parchment paper. Lay the leg of lamb on the paper in the roasting pan fat side up, and score the fat with a small knife then season both sides with salt and pepper. Lay the rosemary and thyme sprigs and the smashed garlic on top and drizzle over the olive oil. Take another sheet of parchment paper and cover the lamb and kind of tuck it around the edges like a little package, leaving space in the pan so there is room to add the vegetables.

Chef Michael Martin collecting freshly harvested vegetables from Rose Creek Farm

Chef Michael Martin Selecting a beautiful Leg of Lamb from Brandon Tavalin of Tavlin Tails Farm

Place the lamb in the oven and roast for 45 minutes While the lamb is roasting toss the vegetables with the olive oil, salt, and pepper. After about 45 minutes of roasting the lamb, remove the pan from the oven and add the vegetables around the lamb. Return the pan to the oven and continue cooking for another 45 minutes, for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 135F. Remove the parchment paper and let the lamb rest in the pan with the vegetables for 10 minutes before carving. Remove everything to a large serving platter and carefully pour the roasting juices that have collected in the bottom go the pan over the lamb and vegetables. Carve finger-width slices of the lamb taking care to cut around the bone and share the vegetables. 


Chef Michael R Martin
South Fork Catering Co.

Goats in Pajamas at the Franklin Farmers Market

What happens when you combine adorable goats with pajamas, you get Goats in Pajamas! Join us for a grand goat pajama party and we’re not “kidding!” Join us at the Franklin Farmers Market this Saturday, April 6th from 9am-12pm for our first Goats in Pajamas event co-sponsored by Walker Chevrolet and the Williamson Farmers Co-Op.  Our farmer, Noble Springs Dairy, who make artisanal goat cheese and skin care products with their goat milk, will provide the baby goats. Don’t forget the cameras for fun photos of your kids with baby Goats in Pajamas and see the new 2019 Chevy Silverado! 

Adorable baby goats from Noble Springs Dairy make their debut in Pajamas at the Franklin Farmers Market







Noble Springs Dairy Farm raises three breeds of goats: Alpine, Saanen, and Toggenburg, which are all dairy breeds. Farmers Justyne and Dustin Noble will be on hand to answer questions about their farm and goats.  Guests young and old are invited to come out to the Franklin Farmers Market this Saturday, April 6th to hug, pet and cuddle these cute goats and learn more about them from the farmer. 

One fact you might not know is that a baby goat is called a “kid.” When a herd of goats are having babies on the farm it is called “kidding season.” Kidding season is a busy time on a goat farm as many mother goats are having babies at the same time and might need assistance from the farmer. Noble Springs Dairy is wrapping up their kidding season and they have hundreds of baby goats bouncing everywhere on their farm! We hope that you will enjoy spending time with just a few of these bundles of joy at the Franklin Farmers Market very first Goats in Pajamas!

The Franklin Farmers Market is a year-round market held every Saturday from 9am-12pm November- April and 8am-1pm May-October behind the Factory in Franklin, TN. The market is a 16 yr old producers only market with the largest assembly of local farmers providing fresh farm food all year long each Saturday morning. Find us at 230 Franklin Road behind the Factory. Visit us online at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest market news. 

A big special Thank You to new market sponsor WSM Radio for promoting our new Goats in Pajamas event this week on their Nashville Today Show.