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Fresh Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage and other Veggies Keep Us Healthy!

franklin farmers market

Local Tennesseans enjoying winter market

It was the last Saturday of December and the weather matched the calendar date at the Franklin Farmers Market. Gray skies, blustery winds and a chill in the air hung over the FFM this past Saturday. But that didn’t stop our loyal foodies from paying us a visit. No matter the weather or the season, these people have a commitment to eat good fresh food straight from local farms. So chances are, they don’t need to make any New Year resolutions to lose weight and become healthier. But what about you? Maybe you didn’t eat as much fresh veggies and meats from the FFM as you should have. Maybe you ate too many fast-food meals. Or maybe you noshed out on way too many holiday sweet treats. All of that adds up to a new year resolution to lose some weight and eat healthier meals. The first step to keeping that resolution is to visit the Franklin Farmers Market. You’ve got to have good food to eat and no matter the season, the Franklin Farmers Market is the place to get it. Start with the fresh winter vegetables at the FFM with new Winter Market hours of 9am till 12noon each Saturday.

organic broccoli

Organic broccoli from Delvin Farms

butternut squash

butternut squash and sweet potatoes

tennessee farmers

Tennessee farmers catching up at market

homemade soups

Homemade soups for your week ahead

This past Saturday, we saw smart people taking home veggies such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage and turnips. All of those vegetables protect the body’s DNA from oxidants and help it detoxify carcinogens.

organic cabbage

Organic cabbage from Delvin Farms

organic turnips

Turnips and fresh parsley

Collard greens are at the top of the list of vegetables that help to lower cholesterol. Another winter veggie that’s popular at the FFM right now are sweet potatoes. They taste good and have high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B5, B6 and other nutrients, plus they’re fat free. All of these and more healthy and tasty winter vegetables can be found at the Franklin Farmers Market. So keep that New Year’s resolution for 2015. You can do it with good fresh food from local farms at the Franklin Farmers Market.

collard greens

collard greens in big supply during winter market

farm lettuce mix

farm lettuce mix from Pilgrims Produce


One of our new year’s resolutions is to let the FFM farmers get a little more shut-eye. So beginning this Saturday, January 3rd, the Franklin Farmers Market will open a bit later. The new hours for the winter market are 9am – noon.

stone ground cornmeal

Stone ground cornmeal from Beaverdam Creek Farm


Fresh granola mix from Lucy’s Kitchen

Fresh Farm Eggs

Fresh Farm Eggs and a Farm Calendar from Moonshadow Farm

local goat cheese

Local goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy

mike wolfe

Mike Wolfe & Kristin enjoying a Crepe from Crepe A Diem

It’s always fun to see the people pictures taken at the Franklin Farmers Market every Saturday. But there’s also great photos of the good food available too. So take a look at the photo gallery and see what you can find at the FFM. Then make that grocery list, head to the FFM this Saturday and take the right step to keeping your resolution about being happy and healthy in 2015!

local alpalca

local alpaca garments from Legacy Acres Alpacas

antler necklaces

Antler necklaces from Antlers

Barnwood Signs

Barnwood Signs hand made from real barnwood from Tom the Furniture Guy

Farmers Growing Beautiful Winter Produce

franklin farmers market

Christmas and Fresh Local Food bring smiles!

You could not have asked for a better day at the Franklin Farmers Market – the sun was shining bright, smiling faces were all over the place and the holiday spirit was in the air. Our farmers brought lots of Carrots, Collards, winter greens, Brussels sprouts, mixed lettuces, potatoes and other winter vegetables to the FFM last Saturday to help create perfect holiday meals. The fresh baked rolls and sweet decorated holiday cookies, muffins and homemade candies were popular too and why not?. After all, Santa (not to mention the little “elves” at home) loves cookies and other sweet treats. Beautiful jewelry, woodwork and other artisan crafts were being picked up by last minute gift shoppers too. But one of the best things at the market was all of the smiles and chatter going on. Conversations with the farmers and artisans or talking with neighbors and friends who were also at the market; enjoying a cup of hot apple cider or coffee and smiling while munching on a warm sweet donut. We’ll say it again – you could not have asked for a better day at the market!

winter produce

Winter Produce from Beaverdam Creek Farm

local carrots

Fresh Sweet Carrots from Beaverdam Creek Farm

local potatoes

local potatoes from Kirkview Farm

delvin farms brussels sprouts

Delvin Farms brussels sprouts

organic collards

Organic collards from Delvin Farms

fresh eggs

Fresh eggs and herbs from Bloomsbury Farm

local radishes

Locally grown radishes

bear creek ribeye

Bear Creek Farm Ribeye’s

Winter officially began yesterday, on December 21st. At least 3 more cold months are ahead of us. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t see your favorite farmers every Saturday. The market will be open this Saturday, December 27th from 8am until noon. You’ll always find seasonal produce at the FFM, along with meats from local farms, dairy and baked goods too. But when the new year begins, our farmers get to sleep a little later. The hours for the winter season of the Franklin Farmers Market will change on January 3rd. The market will open at 9am and close at noon.

Whole Filet Mignon

Whole Filet Mignon’s from Triple L Ranch

hatcher milk

Fresh Hatcher Family Dairy milk

fresh baked bread

Fresh baked bread from Flying S Farm

river cottage ground beef

River Cottage Farm ground beef

We like to snap photos every Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market. Good food, smiles and little kids make great pictures. In the FFM photo gallery, you can see the year in review, with photos from every Saturday at the market for 2014. From food, people and events, there are lots of photos of what happens at the FFM. Take a look and get ready to smile!

winter greens

winter greens are now in large supply

local cabbage

Beautiful local cabbage from Kirkview Farm

mixed lettuces

Lettuce Mix from Pilgrims Produce

lcoal collards

Organically grown local collards from Delvin Farms

Market Customers Shop Local for Christmas


Holiday Greenery from Riverbend Nurseries

You could tell it when you walked through the Franklin Farmers Market this past Saturday – Christmas is just around the corner. There was a bit of chill in the air, hot apple cider to sip on and lots of smiling faces throughout the market. The holiday spirit is alive and well. Many of you were stopping by to do some gift shopping at the FFM and we know why.

After all, where else can you find such a fantastic variety of handcrafted gifts, all made by local artisans?


Handmade artisan candles and bottles


Handcrafted artisan work by Mark Alan Artisan Woods


Shaving supplies from Tottys Bend Soap Farm


Handcrafted wood from Cody’s Woodworks


Then there were the people we saw with lists in hand, looking for the fresh food needed to create the perfect holiday meals.


Organic Brussels Sprouts from Delvin Farms


Sweet carrots from Paradise Produce


Tomatoes and tomato juice from Evans Produce


Artisan goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy

Beautiful fresh cut trees, garlands and wreathes were going home with lots of folks too to be decorated and ready for a visit from Santa. And then there were those of you who strolled around munching a warm donut and wishing everyone you saw “happy holidays.”


Home made orange cinnamon rolls from Lucy’s Kitchen


Fresh baked cakes from Flying S Farms

Christmas is 10 days away so there’s just one more Saturday to shop at the FFM before the holiday. Make your list and check it twice and then get to the Franklin Farmers Market this upcoming Saturday for the best in fresh local food and handcrafted, unique gifts.


Norton Family Farm Pickles and gift bags


Naturally made soap from Firefly Essentials


Real barnwood signs from Tom the Furniture Guy


Fresh baked banana nut bread from BB’s Gourmet Pretzels

Who doesn’t like to sleep in a little later on the weekend? While our farmers are used to being early birds, they too like to stay in that warm bed and snooze a bit more on a cold winter morning. On January 3rd, we will give them the chance to do that. The winter market hours will change. The Franklin Farmers Market will open an hour later at 9am and close at noon for the remainder of the winter market.


Antler Dog chews from Antler


Fresh made slices of pies from Dozen

One of the things we love most about market days is the chance to snap photos of happy people and good food. This past Saturday was no different. Lots of photos were taken. Did we catch you smiling for the camera? Take a look at the big Franklin Farmers Market photo gallery and see for yourself!

Santa Visits Franklin Farmers Market

local artisan gifts

Locally made artisan gifts

There was a little chill in the air at the Franklin Farmers Market this past Saturday, but it was all good. After all, Christmas is just 17 days away, so a little cold weather was appropriate. It looked like quite a few of you thought so too, as we saw several of Riverbend Nursery’s beautiful Christmas trees strapped to cars and going home with happy people. And quite a few of you were picking out unique gifts from the local artisans at the market too. Gifts that are extra special, because they are handcrafted and created right here in Tennessee.

miniatures by philip

Miniatures by Philip Crews

farm preserves

Local farm preserves from Jones Mill Farm

goat cheese

Locally made goat cheese from Noble Springs

goat milk soap

Goat milk soap from Tottys Bend Soap Farm

Of course, there was plenty of good fresh food from our farmers too, so those of you doing the planning of holiday meals had a good selection of seasonal veggies, meats, dairy and lots of special baked goods too.

bloomsbury farm

Winter CSA and hand made Christmas wreaths

farm fresh eggs

Fresh farm eggs and herbs from Bloomsbury Farm

farm broccoli

Beautiful Broccoli just picked from the farm

local apples

Apples for Kirkview Farm

local made pies

Locally made pies from Dozen

banna nut bread

Fresh baked Banana nut bread from BB’s Gourmet Pretzels

santa franklin farmers Market

Littles ones where happy to see Santa at Market!

To top it all off, a visit by a certain gentleman carrying lots of jingle bells made it official – Christmas is just around the corner!

Santa’s visit to the FFM this past Saturday was a jolly good time for a lot of little kids and some big “kids” too. It was kind of funny because there were many children who were so excited to be talking to Santa that they forgot what they wanted him to bring for Christmas! But Santa was prepared and he gave every boy and girl a little present for the holidays. It was a colorful jingle bell just like the ones the reindeer wear when pulling his sleigh.

local franklin santa

A happy christmas tree meets a jolly Santa

jingle bells santa

Santa brought his jingle bells for all kids

There are only two more Saturdays to shop at the Franklin Farmers Market for the perfect gifts and the best food for holiday meals. Don’t forget, a lot of farmers and bakers at the FFM can take pre-orders for food, so you get exactly what you want for your holiday meals. And several of the artisans do custom work too. Make the holidays extra happy – find what you need to do so at the Franklin Farmers Market!

pumpkin woopie pies

Fresh made pumpkin woopie pies from Norton Family Farm

crepe a diem

Fresh made crepe’s from Crepe A Diem

Customers Enjoy “Shop Small Business Saturday” at Franklin Farmers Market

We asked you to come to the Franklin Farmers Market for “Shop Small Business Saturday” and you did, buying unique gifts from our artisans and fresh food from our farmers.

norton family farm

Holiday packaging and gift bags for jams, jellies, baked goods and cookie trays from Norton Family Farm

local soy candles

100% soy candles hand made with recycled wine bottles from Intoxicating Aromas

fresh food

Fresh Food from Colvin Family Farm

almond cookies

Fresh baked cookies from The Olive Tree Bakery

local artisan gifts

Hand made local artisan gifts and jewelry from Rockin Robbin Ranch

It made perfect sense to buy handcrafted gifts and food from local artisans and Tennessee farmers. Not only do you get creative gifts and the best in fresh food from the FFM, you are also helping the local economy. An average of $68 of every $100 spent at a local small business goes back into the community’s economy. Yes, it was a bit chilly this past Saturday, but it was worth the trip to the market for our Shop Small Business Saturday day. Thank you for making Small Business Saturday a great day at the Franklin Farmers Market. But if you didn’t make it to the FFM, don’t worry. The best in fresh food can always been found and there’s plenty of great gifts to be had too, just in time for Christmas.

local shaving soaps

Local shaving soaps from Tottys Bend Soap Farm

guitar string bracelets

Guitar string bracelets from Lovely Beads by Brenda

antler knives

Antler knives from Antlers

barnwood signs

Authentic Barnwood signs from Tom the Furniture Guy

local alpalca gloves

local alpalca gloves from Legacy Acres Alpacas farm

local body butter

Local body butter from Beaverdam Creek Farm

farmers market cookbook

Delicious recipes from our very own market cookbook

You need to find gifts for your kids’ teachers, your employees, clients and the budding chef in the family. No problem. Stop by the FFM info booth and pick up a copy of the market’s “Eating in Season” cookbook. It’s full of delicious recipes for each season from our farmers. Let’s say you’re shopping the FFM and see some great looking butternut squash, but you really don’t know how to prepare it. All you have to do is to take a look at the winter section of our “Eating in Season” cookbook and Voilà – you’ll find the perfect recipe for Butternut something soup. The Eating in Season cookbook is just $15 (plus tax) and there’s a special discount rate when you buy a case. Give a delicious gift – The Eating in Season cookbook.

local butternut squash

Local butternut squash from Colvin Family Farm

farm fresh herbs

Farm fresh herbs from Bloomsbury Farm

Get the cameras ready – the big man himself, Santa Claus will be at the Franklin Farmers Market this Saturday!

Santa at Franklin Farmers Market

Visit Santa at Franklin Farmers Market

hand made manager

Hand made manager from Miniatures by Philip Crews

Santa Franklin tn

A Happy Santa for kids

From 9am until noon, Santa will be in his big rocking chair and ready to visit with all good girls and boys. Santa’s even got a special little gift for the kids too. Come by and tell Santa what you want to find under the Christmas tree!

christmas trees franklin tn

Christmas Trees, Wreaths and other holiday greenery from Riverbend Nurseries