New Franklin Farmers Market Website Launched!

We needed more elbow room. So we’ve moved out of our old website and into a new one. What do you think about it? We’ve still got a few things to take care, like all the stories on the farmers and artisans. And we plan to add a lot more photos too. But it’s a nice, clean website that’s easy to navigate and it has room to grow. Let us know what you think about the new Franklin Farmers Market website. Shoot us an email and tell us what stories and info you’d like to see on the market website!

2 thoughts on “New Franklin Farmers Market Website Launched!

  1. Sarah White

    Thank you for the Franklin Farmers Market recipe book: Eating in Season.
    I bought it last weekend, and since then have used 4 of the recipes to create delicious meals!!
    I made Asparagus with Orange Saffron Sauce (encouraged me to use saffron for the 1st time!), Creamed Spinach (that didn’t last long!), Beet Apple and Blue Cheese Salad and Swiss Chard Quiche – all of them totally delicious!!!

    I visit and purchase from the market every weekend, in fact I plan my entire week of meals around Farmers Market produce.

    Sarah White

    1. Lisa

      So glad to hear you are enjoying and using the Franklin Farmers Market’s new cookbook! The “Eating In Season” cookbook does have a lot of great recipes from the farmers and customers. If you have not tried the Buttermilk Panna Cotta yet, do so! It’s fantastic and you can serve it with peaches. Kirkview Farm now has peaches at the market, so you can pick some up this Saturday.
      Thanks for being a loyal market customer!


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