Summer Fruits and Vegetables now in Full Supply

Hazy, hot and humid…. Those three words are the best way to describe the month of July. But there’s a payoff for putting up with the muggy weather, because it’s a great time to be at the Franklin Farmers Market. July is the high season for summer vegetables and fruits.

Evan Produce

Evans Produce

TN Farmers Market

Bloomsbury Farm

Kirkview Farm Watermelons

Kirkview Farm Watermelons

This past Saturday, hot weather favorites such as sweet corn were plentiful and more farmers had watermelons ripe and ready at the market. Plus delicious, sweet and juicy cantaloupes could be found too. You could practically get a natural sugar rush because of all of the delicious fruits, like peaches, blueberries and blackberries from our Tennessee farms.

Sliver Queen Corn

Fresh picked Sliver Queen Corn


Fresh Cantaloupes

Beaverdam Creek Farm

Beaverdam Creek Farm delivers first farm fresh corn for 2013

Blue Honey Farms fresh blueberries and syrup

Kirkview Peaches

Kirkview Farm Peaches

People were snatching up bags of peaches from Kirkview Farm.  They are great peaches, but do you know how to make them even better? Put them in a paper bag, fold down the top of the bag and just let it sit on the counter for a day or so. That helps the peaches to fully ripen and become the juicy sweet treat we all love.

Steamy hot July days make it tough to be outside, but people at the farmers market found delicious ways to cool down, like drinking cold limeade from Miss Lucy’s Kitchen and eating the sweet ice cold gelato from Hatcher Family Dairy.

Fresh Cucumber

Future vegetarian?

Ellie's Doughnuts

Ellie’s Doughnuts


Ice Cold Limeade from Lucy’s Kitchen


Hatcher Gelato from Hatcher Family Dairy cows…So creamy and wonderful!

So visiting the Franklin Farmers Market in July is actually a good thing. Maybe we should change those three words describing July from hot, hazy and humid to sweet, delicious and yummy!

Market Flowers

Market Flowers

Farm Fresh Peppers

Farm Fresh Peppers

Franklin Farmers Market

Farm fresh veggies, jams and preserves

Bloomsbury Farm

Bloomsbury Farm fresh vegetables and herbs

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

Franklin TN

Another busy Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market…come visit!

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