TomatoFest Celebrates Local Farm Grown Tomatoes

Tomatoes were everywhere you looked – there’s no way you could have missed them. There were tomatoes all over the market this past Saturday during TomatoFest. Whether they were red, striped, green, yellow, orange or purple, it was tomato heaven.

Tomato Festival

Market customers came early for this years Tomato Festival 2014

Franklin Farmers Market

CSA customers could not resist red juicy sweet tomatoes at Allenbrooke Farm


Over 30 different tomato varieties to choose from now at the Franklin Farmers Market

Tennessee Tomatoes

Beautiful and just picked from Colbert Farm

From tasting the many samples of heirloom and traditional favorite tomatoes to enjoying fresh gazpacho and tomato jam prepared on the spot by our friends at Amerigo Italian Restaurant, TomatoFest 2014 was a big, juicy, delicious kind of a day.

Amerigo Restaurant

Amerigo Italian Restaurant Chefs Paul and Stephen used their culinary skills for great tasking tomato treats

Amerigo Restaurant Cool Springs

The sweet smell of Amerigo Italian Restaurant Chefs preparing a culinary delight

There’s no doubt that all of the tomatoes were delicious, but which ones were the absolute best to eat? We let a panel of judges decide that for us.

Tomato Festival Judges

Tomato Festival Judges had the best job of tasting all tomato tasting contest entries

Tomato Festival Volunteers

Market volunteers helped make the day a total success

Derby Jones Williamson Herald

Tomato Festival Judge Derby Jones of Williamson Herald loving some tomato tasting

Tomato Judging

Tomato Judges Nancy Williams looking on as Kari Jarrell enjoys tasting an Heirloom Tomato

And when it was all done, the judges picked the following farms as having the best ones: The Top Tomato in the heirloom category was grown by Sturbridge Farm. The second place heirloom tomato came from the Colbert Farm, while third place was won by Beaverdam Creek Farm.

Heirloom Tomato Tasting

Market customers enjoyed tasting Heirloom Tomatoes to determine which they liked best

1st Place Heirloom Tomato Sturbridge Farm

1st Place Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato went to Sturbridge Farm

Colbert Farm 2nd Place Heirloom Tomato

2nd Place Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato winner Colbert Farm

Beaverdam Creek Farm 3rd Place Heirloom Tomato

3rd Place Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato winner Beaverdam Creek Farm

But apparently, the Top Tomato contest was just a little bit harder in the standard tomato category. First place went to the Colvin Family Farm, but second place was a tie between Blooming Baskets and Allenbrooke Farm.

Colvin Family Farm 1st Place Hybrid Tomato

1st Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner Colvin Family Farm


Big and juicy sweet tomatoes from local Tennessee Farmers

Blooming Baskets 2nd Place Hybrid Tomato

2nd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner (Tie) Blooming Baskets

Allenbrooke Farms 2nd Place Hybrid Tomato

2nd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner (Tie) Allenbrooke Farms

The same thing happened with third place – it was a tie between Delvin Farms and Kirkview Farm!

Delvin Farms 3rd Place Hybrid Tomato

3rd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato Winner (Tie) Delvin Farms

Kirkview Farm 3rd Place Hybrid Tomato

3rd Place Best Tasting Hybrid Tomato winner (Tie) Kirkview Farm

All in all, TomatoFest was a great day and judging by the crowd at the market, we all agree on one thing – tomatoes rule!

The market paparazzi snapped a lot of great photos at TomatoFest. Did we get one of you? Find out now with a look at the Franklin Farmers Market photo gallery!

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