National Farmers Market Week, Buy a Tomato!

Allenbrooke FarmsThis week is National Farmers Market week, a time recognize how important farmers markets truly are. When the Franklin Farmers Market was created, we had three goals in mind – to help local family farms be productive and profitable by providing a reliable venue for farmers to sell what they grow or produce; to give everyone easy access to fresh, healthy food straight from Tennessee farms and to educate people about the positive impact that farms have on the local economy, communities and the environment. When the Franklin Farmers Market began, we had only 8 farmers. Now over 70 farms have participated in the market with a diverse selection of food at its freshest and most flavorful. Every day, a farmer puts food on the table for you. With no farms, there’s no food. Your support has made the FFM one of the biggest farmers markets in the region. But more importantly, you are helping to keep our farms green and growing. Thank you for supporting the Franklin Farmers Market and the farms of Tennessee.

Visit our farmers and come buy a tomato from a local Tennessee farmer this Saturday with over 30 different varieties to choose from.
National Farmers Market Week

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