Fresh Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage and other Veggies Keep Us Healthy!

franklin farmers market

Local Tennesseans enjoying winter market

It was the last Saturday of December and the weather matched the calendar date at the Franklin Farmers Market. Gray skies, blustery winds and a chill in the air hung over the FFM this past Saturday. But that didn’t stop our loyal foodies from paying us a visit. No matter the weather or the season, these people have a commitment to eat good fresh food straight from local farms. So chances are, they don’t need to make any New Year resolutions to lose weight and become healthier. But what about you? Maybe you didn’t eat as much fresh veggies and meats from the FFM as you should have. Maybe you ate too many fast-food meals. Or maybe you noshed out on way too many holiday sweet treats. All of that adds up to a new year resolution to lose some weight and eat healthier meals. The first step to keeping that resolution is to visit the Franklin Farmers Market. You’ve got to have good food to eat and no matter the season, the Franklin Farmers Market is the place to get it. Start with the fresh winter vegetables at the FFM with new Winter Market hours of 9am till 12noon each Saturday.

organic broccoli

Organic broccoli from Delvin Farms

butternut squash

butternut squash and sweet potatoes

tennessee farmers

Tennessee farmers catching up at market

homemade soups

Homemade soups for your week ahead

This past Saturday, we saw smart people taking home veggies such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage and turnips. All of those vegetables protect the body’s DNA from oxidants and help it detoxify carcinogens.

organic cabbage

Organic cabbage from Delvin Farms

organic turnips

Turnips and fresh parsley

Collard greens are at the top of the list of vegetables that help to lower cholesterol. Another winter veggie that’s popular at the FFM right now are sweet potatoes. They taste good and have high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B5, B6 and other nutrients, plus they’re fat free. All of these and more healthy and tasty winter vegetables can be found at the Franklin Farmers Market. So keep that New Year’s resolution for 2015. You can do it with good fresh food from local farms at the Franklin Farmers Market.

collard greens

collard greens in big supply during winter market

farm lettuce mix

farm lettuce mix from Pilgrims Produce


One of our new year’s resolutions is to let the FFM farmers get a little more shut-eye. So beginning this Saturday, January 3rd, the Franklin Farmers Market will open a bit later. The new hours for the winter market are 9am – noon.

stone ground cornmeal

Stone ground cornmeal from Beaverdam Creek Farm


Fresh granola mix from Lucy’s Kitchen

Fresh Farm Eggs

Fresh Farm Eggs and a Farm Calendar from Moonshadow Farm

local goat cheese

Local goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy

mike wolfe

Mike Wolfe & Kristin enjoying a Crepe from Crepe A Diem

It’s always fun to see the people pictures taken at the Franklin Farmers Market every Saturday. But there’s also great photos of the good food available too. So take a look at the photo gallery and see what you can find at the FFM. Then make that grocery list, head to the FFM this Saturday and take the right step to keeping your resolution about being happy and healthy in 2015!

local alpalca

local alpaca garments from Legacy Acres Alpacas

antler necklaces

Antler necklaces from Antlers

Barnwood Signs

Barnwood Signs hand made from real barnwood from Tom the Furniture Guy

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