Enjoy Homemade Soups during National Soup Month

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash is a pleasant surprise if you have never tried it

Soupy skies: That’s a pretty good description of the weather last Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market – soupy wet skies. But it’s appropriate, because January is actually National Soup Month and the FFM is the place to buy the ingredients to make warm, comforting soup to ward off the chill of winter. It looked liked quite a few of you were thinking soup too. We talked to one savvy person who had a bag full of butternut squash she got from one of the farmers. It was destined to be made into a pot of delicious winter squash and apple soup.

local winter soups

Homemade stews and soups from Jones Mill Farm

farmers market soups

Fresh made soups from Lucy’s Kitchen

This week’s forecast predicts single digit cold weather heading our way. That kind of cold sort of seeps into your bones, so something that’s both warm, nutritious and easy to make like soup is a good choice for a meal. We saw several people taking home carrots, greens, potatoes, garlic, turnips, squash and more winter veggies to make big pots of soup.

local farm carrots

Farm fresh local carrots from Paradise Produce

local turnip greens

Local turnip greens from Kirkview Farm

red potatoes

Red potatoes from Kirkview Farm

local cabbage

Fresh picked cabbage from Kirkview Farm

Winter Farmers Market

A Winter Farmers Market meal to warm the tummy!

We also saw quite of few of you heading home with beef, chicken and pork from our meat farmers. Good meat, like what you find at the FFM can add a lot of rich flavor to soup. If you missed out on getting the ingredients for homemade soup to ward off the cold, start making your list for what you need from the FFM this week. No matter the cold weather, our farmers will be at the Franklin Farmers Market for you!

A couple of things to note about the winter season at the Franklin Farmers Market – the info booth has gone on hiatus and won’t be back until the spring. And the hours for the Franklin Farmers Market have changed. The winter market now opens at 9am and closes at noon, giving you (and our farmers) an extra hour to sleep late.

fresh baked bread

Fresh baked bread from Flying S Farms

organic collard greens

Organic collard greens from Delvin Farms

We snapped some pretty good photos this past Saturday at the FFM of people, food and big smiles. Check it out with a visit the FFM’s photo gallery!

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