Grilled Pork Chops with Local Veggies!

franklin farmes marketAfter market on Saturday I was hungry for some grilled pork chops. After walking thru the market and finding the local lettuces, carrots and strawberries, I had my plan!

These beautiful pork chops are from West Wind Farms located in Deer Lodge, Tennessee. Ralph and Kimberly do a magnificent job of creating as natural a habitat as possible for all their animals. You can taste the difference in all their Tennessee raised cows, chickens and pigs. All West Wind Farms animals feed off natural food that brings much more flavor to the meats.

West Wind Farms Pork ChopsAfter finding fresh lettuces from Beaverdam Creek Farm, carrots from Rocky Glade Farm and organic strawberries from Delvin Farms I was ready to roll! The produce coming into the market from our local farmers this year is exceptional with the nice balance of sunshine and rain we have received. The local lettuce leafs are large and colorful. The farm grown carrots are bright orange and sweet tasting. And, of course, this years crop of strawberries from Delvin Farms have been so sweet and juicy.

grilled pork chopsI grilled my pork chops on my Big Green Egg, which delivers perfect settings from the best possible grilling experience. The correct high temperature will deliver a juicy cut of meat every time. I start out at 500 degrees then quickly reduce to 400 degrees after 2 minutes on each side. I like to get some char going when I grill any of our local meats outdoors. Tenor and juicy is always my aim for the best tasting local pork chops off the grill. Add local pork chops with locally grown produce teams up for a nice light summer lunch after market. The sweet taste of carrots, lettuce, strawberries with a vendor and juicy just grill pork chop is pure heaven to my awaiting taste buds!

Thank you to all our Tennessee Farmers who bring the best of food to our local farmers market!

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