Late-Summer Bounty of Fresh Produce

We’re experiencing a late-summer bounty of fresh produce at the Franklin Farmers market this week. Heirloom tomatoes in all sorts of vibrant hues, fresh peas, newly-dug potatoes, herbs, fragrant melons and more are filling the stalls this week at our market. Speaking of melons, we are enthusiastic to announce this year’s Watermelon Festival on Saturday, August 29, 2015, with tons of fun for the kids’ and opportunities to taste the sweetest watermelons grown by our local farmers. So get ready to celebrate the late-summer bounty of fresh produce this week at the Franklin Farmers Market.


Kirkview Farm’s field-fresh peas.

Though the month of August is coming to a close, we are still experiencing a late-summer bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables at our market. Our stalls are still filled with late-summer fruits such as Kirkview Farm’s plums, Rainbow Hill apples, peaches from Evans Produce, and not to mention all those glorious watermelons and cantaloupes lining our farmers’ market tables. These fruits are nutritious, fresh, and grown by your local farmers.


Crisp Apples from Rainbow Hill Farm.

The end of August is also bringing a late-summer bounty of fresh vegetables, such as swaths of glorious tomatoes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, eggplant that comes in heirloom and Japanese varieties, a kaleidoscope of bell peppers, and crisp sweet onions — everything needed for the perfect ratatouille. Our farmers also provide your family with both red and green late-summer okra for frying or grilling, speckled beans and peas picked fresh from the field, and newly-dug sweet, red, and white potatoes for a farm-fresh mash or breakfast-style home fries. And don’t forget the abundance of herbs to add flavor to all your culinary endeavors. This bounty of late-summer produce is sure to inspire many ideas for seasonal cooking. Come and get it while you can this week at the Franklin Farmers Market!


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