Cecil Bronnenberg, Tomato Farmer passes at age 90

Cecil Bronnenberg was well known for the tomatoes he brought to market every Saturday. Lots of people said they were the prettiest tomatoes they had ever seen. But Cecil was also known for his wonderful sweet personality and that is why we will miss him so very much. On Tuesday of this week, at the age of 90, Cecil passed away. Cecil has been a part of the Franklin Farmers Market for a long time and well-thought of not just by customers, but by the other farmers and vendors at the market. Over the course of his life, Cecil was a school principle, a farmer and a WWII Navy Veteran. Last year he went to Washington D.C. on one of the special WWII Veterans Flights to visit the WWII Memorial. It was a very moving experience for Cecil and a proud moment for those of us who loved him to see him honored for service to his country. It is with a very sad heart that we say a final goodbye to Cecil. We will miss him dearly.

Visitation for Cecil will be held from 10am – 1pm Saturday at the Coffee County Funeral Home in Manchester. Services take place at 1pm.  Obituary  In Cecil’s words

Cecil Bronnenberg, Tomato Farmer

Cecil Bronnenberg, Tomato Farmer

13 thoughts on “Cecil Bronnenberg, Tomato Farmer passes at age 90

  1. J. R. Stroud

    Lorrell and Deb share a Birthday with Cecil. In remberance of my friend Cecil rest in peace Aye Aye Sir and a Twenty One Gun Salute!

  2. J. R. Stroud

    I have done Farmers Markets with Cecil for over 15 years. When doing the Market in Murfreesboro we would get there the afternoon before the Market started at 5AM the next day. We had a lot of time to spend between our arrival at the offical opennin of the Market. I noticed women always kissed Cecil sometimes on the top of his head or on the check. I asked him why the ladies always kissed him his reply was ” because I’m nice”. After we left the Murfreesboro Market and begin doing the Franklin Market I noticed the ladies were still kissing Cecil. RIP my friend AYE AYE SIR!

  3. Jenelle Hynes

    Cecil was such a dear, dear gentleman and one of he kindest souls I have been fortunate to encounter. I assisted Cecil and Lee at their stand during the 2009-2011 seasons and he always sent a thank you note each week in appreciation. He taught me so much at that 8×16 stand that I still use today at my shop. He loved his family, serving his country and his customers. I will miss his sweet hugs & kisses and that playful twinkle in his eye.

  4. Pam & Lyn Foster

    When you are a regular at the FFM you tend to have a routine. Booths and people you have to visit each Saturday. Cecil was one of the people I had to visit. I will miss our quick hug and telling him how much I appreciated his service to our country. I will continue to buy from his booth in honor of him. I will truly miss my FFM friend!

  5. James Gardner

    A man who said a great deal by using a few words. We will miss him, I already do. Thank you to everyone who was kind to this grand old gentleman.

  6. Sharon Burbage

    I so enjoyed knowing Cecil over the last few years and was so happy to discover that both our lives were connected through the same young woman who was one of Cecil’s Church Friends. As usual, I gave him a kiss on the cheek when I left Market on Saturday. I appreciated him for his example of a life that was lived well.

  7. Laura Sparer

    Mr Bronnenberg was such a lovely gracious gentleman. I always enjoyed our encounters and will have one of his tomatoes in salad tonight! He will be very much missed at the FFM.
    My Dad was also a WWII Navy veteran; he died this past March. These are a dwindling treasure in our country.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  8. Cathy Williams

    Cecil was most definitely a sweetheart. I chatted with him many times during the year I managed the Franklin Farmer’s Market – he was as smart as a whip and had so many interesting stories to tell – in addition to growing wonderful tomatoes! He will be missed.

  9. Rebecca Cramer

    Cecil – I will miss your smiling face and all the wonderful tomatoes I have gotten
    from you. Thank you so much for you service to our country – you deserve
    a peaceful rest. You will be sorely missed. Thank you again my dear friend.

  10. Jenny Pitts

    What a gentleman of the old school was Mr. Bronnenberg!
    Had the pleasure of working with him at his booth a couple of times as a market volunteer and will miss his kind and gracious presence.


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