Should Dogs be allowed at the Franklin Farmers Market?

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Since it began in 2002, the Franklin Farmers Market has allowed customers to bring their dogs with them to the market. The market was much smaller then and crowds were not an issue. But the Franklin Farmers Market has now grown into one of the largest farmers markets in the state. The number of people visiting the market each Saturday has skyrocketed and so has the number of dogs that come with their owners. It gets pretty crowded under the market shed with people, dogs and little kids. The number of people voicing concerns over sanitary and safety issues  with the pets has risen substantially this year.  The Franklin Farmers Market board has been debating what to do about the problems with the dogs and have now decided that the best course of action is to ask what you think about the problem. Do you bring your dog to market? Should dogs be allowed at the Franklin Farmers Market or should they be banned? Tell us what you think. For the next three weeks, we will conduct a survey to find out what you think about the dog issue. You can fill out a comment form at the market’s info booth on Saturdays from 8am – noon or send an email to voice your opinion to .The board of the Franklin Farmers Market will discuss the results and suggestions from the survey and announce a decision on the dog issue the first week of December.


20 thoughts on “Should Dogs be allowed at the Franklin Farmers Market?

  1. Pete

    Ban dogs from attending because of “safety.” I have seen a number of unattended children being a safety nuisance. Strollers too. But that is different, right? What about pungent perfumes and colognes? That is an assult on the senses. But more importantly, how about we ban food items that are clearly not healthy, such as donuts. Sure they smell terrific, but is it really in keeping with the theme of the market to have such unhealthy fare? Coffee – gone. Let’s not get started with the meats and their offensiveness to vegetarian sensibilities. Instead, how about we all just get along and show personal responsibilities for our pets, children and food choices, because it is a slippery slope down once we begin the bannings.

  2. Gloria

    Love John’s tongue in cheek reply!! Yes keep dogs in the market. Haven’t found one that miss behaved yet. But owners should be aware of the crowds.

  3. Carmen Klapperich

    The space is too small for the number of people milling about. Dogs are a distraction and potential danger especially to children.

  4. amy

    Yes, dogs should be allowed. I love walking to the market with my dog, when I get there, I carry him as he is small (6 pounds), and there is a lot of traffic I’ve had more problems with kids not paying attention or running into me, then I have seen with dogs. I definitely wouldn’t visit as much if dogs were banned.

  5. Cathy

    How about a compromise? During the fall and winter months dogs are a great addition to the market. There is plenty of room for everyone—including our canine friends. However in the hot and busy summer months, the market is jammed. There is barely enough room for people plus the heat and broiling asphalt aren’t good for dogs anyway.

  6. John

    I think banning dogs is a great way to reduce the overcrowding problem at the market. The dog owners are sure to stop coming, and there will be plenty of room for everybody else. Even better, we should ban children next. Or consider leashing all children under the roof. Last week I tripped over some child that was standing still. This is a tremendous safety concern.

  7. Tracy Bunnell

    My children and I love seeing the dogs at the market we always ask permission before touching but have received a ton of joy from other peoples pets at market. They feel like an intricate part of the fun and community. We would be very sad to see them go.

  8. Debra

    Yes, dogs should be allowed at the Farmer’s Market. It’s ideal for socialization of well-mannered dogs and for kids to be with an animal, and if there is a “questionable” dog present, it’s up to every individual to decide whether to stay away or not.

  9. Mary Ann

    Yes dogs should be allowed (leashed). I have visited the market many times. The dogs are better behaved than some of the children that are allowed to run free there.

  10. Becky

    I believe dogs should not be allowed at the market. I’m not against dogs but I have 3 young children and was warned last week at the market that there was a dog that was snapping at kids. So I’d rather have them stay outside the shed for safety reasons and sanitary reasons also makes sense. Thanks!

  11. Janet

    I have not had any problems with dogs at the market. We have a dog but do not bring them to the market. I have never seen feces at the market or in the parking lot. I regularly bring my small children to the market and there has never been a dog that was not friendly.

    If there is a ban on dogs at the market, someone needs to be cognizant of the laws regarding service animals and as consumers at the market, this is something that people ought to be aware of as well. Here is a link that can better inform people on federal laws regarding service animals, which can also include miniature horses.

  12. Kathy Barker

    I do not feel that dogs should be allowed at the farmer’s market. The crowd is so large that it is hard to move around the people and when you add dogs that just makes the problem worse. Also, a small child looks eye-to-eye at a dog and this could be a serious situation.

  13. Bob

    I have nothing against well behaved dogs, but I really don’t feel they belong at the farmer’s market. Just because it is an open air marketplace, does not make it an ideal place for dogs. I have seen very well behaved dogs,as well as some badly behaved dogs. I have seen some close calls where people were tripped up by leashes from dogs who were excited. Who is going to guarantee all dogs are well behaved? The market has grown considerably over the past few years. When a kid gets bitten,or an older adult gets tripped up,who will actually have to pay? Take the dogs to the park.

  14. Kimberly

    I fully support dogs at the farmer’s market. For heaven’s sake, it’s an outdoor facility, and it’s an opportunity for families to bring their kids and be in a bustling marketplace, a whole different experience from a park or store…if someone doesn’t like crowds or seeing a happy dog with its owner having a fun outing, he or she should go to a conventional grocery store and quit complaining. Before my dog passed away, I would bring her to the market, and I never had anyone complain. Children loved to pet her, and most everyone commented on her wonderful disposition.

    Dogs are assets to a family, and their presence at the market can be a way for children without dogs to be around animals and learn to appropriately react to them. Any adult who finds a well-mannered dog unbearable at the farmer’s market is being ridiculous, in my opinion.


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