Fresh for Thanksgiving

This Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market, find stalls filled with produce harvested fresh for Thanksgiving — tender greens like turnips and collards to sauté with onions and local bacon, sweet potatoes for casserole that have been recently excavated from the cool fall soil, and turnips and crunchy cauliflower to roast and serve alongside your juicy turkey. Fall produce is bountiful and fresh for Thanksgiving this Saturday at our farmers market.


If anything captures the feeling of Thanksgiving, we think it is the smell of fresh sweet potatoes roasting in the oven. The aroma permeates throughout our homes and gives us a cozy feeling that only exists around the holidays. The Franklin Farmers Market offers an array of different sweet potato varieties, from the giant ‘Beauregard’ to white Japanese varieties to the copper-skinned ‘Carolina Ruby.’ We like to roast our sweets on a high heat to ensure extra caramelization (between 400 to 425 degrees) for an hour. After they’re good and toasted, slowly peel back the skin to reveal the bright-orange flesh bathed in a burnt sugar coating. Find your favorite variety of sweet potato fresh for Thanksgiving casserole this Saturday.




Why make the same side of potatoes this year when you can mix up your mash with roasted cauliflower and turnips? These two vegetables grow sweeter when roasted, and when pureed with butter and a little cream, you have a new variation of traditional mashed potatoes. Find turnips and interesting varieties of orange and purple organic cauliflower at the Delvin Farm’s booth this Saturday.




If there’s one thing our farmers’ market has in aplenty, it’s tender fall greens harvested fresh for Thanksgiving. We like to braise collards and kale in chicken stock with onions and bacon from West Wind Farms. Because a side of dark green collards that are fresh for Thanksgiving is a must for every Southern holiday menu.


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