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Ashlea and Matt Hogancamp of Herban Market

Ashlea and Matt Hogancamp of Herban Market

The Franklin Farmers Market is proud to welcome Herban Market as a new sponsor for our 2015-2016 season. Herban Market is Williamson County’s premiere independently-owned health food market specializing in organic, locally-produced foods and the largest olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar in the state of Tennessee. Herban Market is a solid supporter of our local farmers and artisans, and we at the Franklin Farmers Market are enthusiastic for them to join our stellar team of sponsors.

The inception of Herban Market began in 2014 when owners Ashlea and Matt Hogancamp resolved to leave their lives in Houston, Texas, and pursue their dream of opening a health food market in Franklin, Tennessee. The family arrived in April of 2015, and after six months of hustle and hard work, the Hogancamp’s dream had become brick-and-mortar.

herban marketThe concept for the store derived from the couple’s passion for real, honest food, yet the store’s contemporary design and layout was created by Ashlea Hogancamp herself:  “As an architect, I have a deep appreciation for things in their raw state,” Ashlea says. “No faux finishes for me. I want honesty and purity, and that translates over into how I feel about food.”

Beautifully constructed with clean lines, raw materials, and a neutral palette, the space houses many items found at our farmers’ market — Beaverdam Creek Farm Stone-Ground grits and cornmeal, crates of Delvin Farm’s organic sweet potatoes and winter squashes, and a cooler stocked with local Hatcher Family Dairy milk. Plus, a full selection of local cheeses like Noble Springs Farm are available, as well as local, freshly pastured farm eggs.

herban market herban market herban market Olive oil

Herban Market is also where Franklin residents can go during the week to purchase locally-raised meat provided by our Tennessee farmers. The store carries Bear Creek Farm sausages, sirloin steaks and pork chops; Peaceful Pastures New York strips, bratwursts, and bacon; ground turkey from West Wind Farms; and ribeyes, brisket, and roasts from Red Cedar Bison.

Although the market’s organic and local foods are exceptionally executed, the market’s most unique attraction is the 63 fusti filled with premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars that are available for customers to taste and take home. “Herban Market is bringing some of the world’s finest olive oils to Franklin, Tennessee,” one dedicated customer proclaims. The oils and vinegars come from countries like Chile, Spain, Italy, and Australia, and are the freshest and most quality available. “These olive oils and balsamics are some of the best in the world, and that is not an exaggeration,” Matt Hogancamp admits. He goes on to explain how the olives are picked when green and crushed and bottled within 2 to 4 hours, ensuring a fresh and nutritious oil full of vibrant flavors and antioxidants. “I love how interactive our tasting is,” Matt admits.  “I really enjoy helping customers find unique flavor combinations, such as a lemon fused olive oil with a blueberry balsamic or a blood-orange olive oil with a dark chocolate balsamic.”

herban marketIn addition to the organic, local farm foods and oils and vinegars, Herban Market also offers draft kombucha and growlers, High Garden teas, and organic juices and smoothies.

herban market

Herban MarketWhen asked why they are excited to be sponsors of the Franklin Farmers Market, the Hogancamps reply with enthusiasm: “The same people who share our motto and shop at our store are also shopping at the Franklin Farmers Market. We believe farmers’ markets follow the same model that we all should be moving towards, and that is local food, sustainability, and healthy choices.”

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