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Taste Local Farm Meats this Saturday at our Day of the Grill Tasting Event

The tantalizing smell of local farm beef, chicken or pork chops sizzling on the grill of a Big Green Egg just can’t be beat. It’s all grilled to perfection, tender and juicy on the inside with a delicious farm meat flavor.

Ribeyes on Big Green Egg

Two Ribeye’s Grilling on the Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Chicken

Free Range Chickens are great for Smoking on a Big Green Egg

And when you use top-rated meats from local farms, it becomes the ultimate mouthwatering experience.

local farm beef ribeye

Local farm Beef Ribeye from the Franklin Farmers Market

Local Farm Grilled Steaks

Local Farm Grilled Steak from the Franklin Farmers Market

Find out for yourself this Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market. It’s the Day of the Grill and it’s your chance to sample local farm meats from West Wind Farms, Peaceful Pastures, Bear Creek Farm, Triple L Ranch, River Cottage Farm and Beaverdam Creek Farm.

Bear Creek Pigs

Bear Creek Pigs

Local Farm Beef

Local Farm Beef

Local Free Range Chicken

Local Free Range Chicken

Triple L Beef

Triple L Ranch Cattle

Chef Jeff Lunsford

Chef Jeff Lunsford of the Hearth and Grill Shop

Master griller Chef Jeff Lunsford from The Hearth and Grill Shop will use his talents to give you free samples of appetizing local farm meats.  “The Franklin Farmers Market supplies top quality meats that are produced from livestock -raised locally under the watchful eye of farmers that care about their animals, their product and the people they sell it to,” said Chef Jeff. This Saturday, enjoy cuts of steak, chicken, pork and lamb. Or take a bite of a “slider” – local ground beef, mixed with chopped jalapeños and grated cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse Aged Cheddar provided by Moonshadow Farm. It’s served on one of Jones Mill Farm’s famous sourdough rolls.


Jones Mill Farm Sourdough Rolls


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheddar from Moonshadow Farm

Everything will be grilled to perfection on a Big Green Egg Smoker & Grill from The Hearth and Grill Shop. “As a chef, I insist on the highest quality equipment and the very best local products,” said Chef Jeff. “The Big Green Egg provides me with the best Ceramic – Charcoal grill and smoker rolled into one fabulous grill.”

Vacuum sealed beef

Vacuum sealed Ribeye’s

Local Farm Beef Ribeyes

Local Farm Beef Ribeye’s

Look for The Hearth and Grill tent at the front of the market this Saturday and treat yourself to free samples of delicious grilled meats from our local meat farmers.  Meat lovers, rejoice! It’s the Day of the Grill at the Franklin Farmers Market!

Free Range Chicken

Local Free Range Chicken ready for the Big Green Egg Smoker

Farm Fresh Produce being purchased in Record Numbers


Rocky Glade Tomatoes gone by 10am

And they’re off! When our farmers market opened last Saturday, it was just like the start of a race. Everyone was in a rush to find their favorite veggies and fruits. Farm Fresh Tomatoes were being grabbed in a hurry and blueberries were flying out of the market. Baskets of sweet juicy peaches were also being snatched up, along with beef steaks, ribs, ground beef, pork chops and other naturally raised farm meats for the outdoor grill. We take pride in having the best in fresh, locally grown food at the Franklin Farmers Market. And when produce such as tomatoes first start showing up, they are at the top of the list for everyone to take home.


Kelly’s Blueberries


Jones Mill Onions


Beaverdam Creek Veggies for Foodies

But relax. There’s plenty of good food at our farmers market. And the amount of farm produce and fruits you love increase every week through out the summer. For example, this past Saturday several of the farmers had the first of their tomato crop at the market. And there will be even more tomatoes to choose from this week. It’s the same thing with blueberries and other seasonal favorites. Our farmers grow a lot of food and you’ll always find a great selection at the Franklin Farmers Market.


Fresh Cut Flowers always popular


Jim Vaughn of Rocky Glade Farm

A lot of you stopped by the market information booth this past weekend to find out who had fresh corn or where the watermelons could be found. Remember, the food at the Franklin Farmers Market comes from local farmers, so it’s a little too early for both of those goodies to be ripe and ready in Middle Tennessee. But come by the info booth the next time you’re at the market and pick up a free copy of the Local Table magazine. It’s got a big seasonality chart so you can get a better idea of when your favorite veggies could be showing up at the market.


Delvin Farm Tomatoes


Kelly’s Blackberries


All smiles after visiting the market

We also had a lot of people asking where to find the ATM. There is an ATM near the front of The Factory. But the best things is to plan ahead and bring small bills, like ones, fives and tens to the market. And there are several farmers who now accept credit and debit cards too. So come on out to the Franklin Farmers Market this upcoming Saturday and get all of the food you want for your 4th of July weekend!


Colvin Farms Lettuce


Colvin Farm Lettuce


Beautiful Lettuces from Colvin Farm


A young supporter of Tennessee’s Colvin Farm at the Franklin Farmers Market back lot