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Farmers Market Tomato Festival 2013 is this Saturday!


The Totally Terrific Tomat-OH! Contest

Forget about having four seasons. There are really only two – tomato season and not tomato season. No other vegetable exemplifies summer like a ripe, juicy tomato fresh from the garden. From salads to sauces, tomatoes can be found in almost every meal. The lyrics of the “Homegrown Tomato” song by Guy Clark says it all: “You can eat ‘em with eggs, you can ‘em with gravy, you eat ‘em with beans, pinto or navy.” So it’s only appropriate that we salute summer’s most popular veggie with TomatoFest at the Franklin Farmers Market.  On Saturday, July 27th, we pay homage to the tomato and celebrate its delicious flavor and versatility.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes


Salad Tomatoes

Tomato Seeds

Seed Saving Demonstration

Amerigo-Logo-newsletterPresented by Amerigo, TomatoFest features cooking demonstrations with tomatoes from the market’s farmers, samples of both heirloom and a variety of popular tomatoes, a tomato seed–saving class and the ultimate title for tomato greatness with the Totally Terrific Tomat-Oh! contest. With all of their incredible pasta and Italian dishes, the chefs of Amerigo are experts at creating dishes featuring fresh tomatoes.


Delvin Farm Organic Cherry Tomatoes

You’ll have the chance to watch and sample as Chef Stephen from the Cool Springs location of Amerigo prepares Panzanella Salad with heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella; fresh tomato Pomodoro Sauce over pasta and Tomato Jam served on crostini with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.


Multi-colored Heirloom Tomatoes

You can taste the goodness of both heirloom and wide variety of tomato favorites during our taste-test demos too. Or learn more about sustainable agriculture through the seed saving demonstration from Zadock, the Natural Farmer.


Rocky Glade Farm Tomatoes

Pick up delicious tomato-based baked goods at the Franklin Farmers Market during TomatoFest, such as the Tomato Pie from Norton Family Farm. It’s the ultimate in yummy comfort food.


Sweet Cherry Tomatoes from Norton Family Farm

Don’t miss out on the special TomatoFest salsa and chips either, prepared by Amerigo from  the fresh ingredients of Allenbrooke Farms. And of course, the farmers at the market have the fresh, truly ripe tomatoes you crave. It’s a tomato-lover’s heaven… TomatoFest at the Franklin Farmers Market!


Jones Mill Farm specializes in Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomato lovers buy up Tennessee Farm Tomatoes Quickly


The FFM’s “Growing Kids” gardening students love tomatoes too!

Tomato lovers, rejoice! It truly is tomato season at the Franklin Farmers market. Old favorites, like Bradleys and Big Boys are plentiful now, along with beautiful heirloom tomatoes and colorful cherry tomatoes too.

The market really is a tomato lover’s heaven. For proof of that, don’t miss our celebration of the tomato… TomatoFest!


Jones Mill Farm Heirloom Tomatoes


Norton Family Farm Cherry Tomatoes, oh so sweet!


J.R. and Judy of Jones Mill Farm putting out more Heirloom Tomatoes


So many nice ripe and juicy farm fresh tomatoes to choose from


Cherry Tomatoes and Blackberries all around the Market


A crisp 62 degrees brought out so many Foodies!

On July 27th, tomatoes rule the roost at the Franklin Farmers Market with chef demos from Amerigo Italian Restaurant, tomato squashing and seed saving, yummy samples and the Totally Terrific Tomat-Oh! contest.

Mark your calendars now. You don’t want to miss it.


The Market was buzzing with the first crop of Tennessee Silver Queen Corn

And while we love our tomatoes dearly, corn was the king of the day this past Saturday as the first crop of Silver Queen corn arrived at the Franklin Farmers Market. It was snatched up so fast, that it was almost as if the farmers were handing out free money. The King Farm and the Gracy Farm sold out quickly and the other farms soon were out of the sweet kernels too. But if you missed out, no problem. There’ll be even more delicious corn next Saturday at the market.


Market customers helped themselves to fresh corn from the back of pickup trucks


All gone, sold out in just 2 hours

And a sweet treat made its’ first appearance at the market too. Pilgrim’s Produce farm has yummy watermelons. The “Yellow Doll” watermelons went fast, but more watermelons will be back at the market next Saturday.


We are blessed to have such wonderful Farmers!  Lucy’s Kitchen visiting with Pilgrims Produce


Just picked Organic Apples from Delvin Farms

All in all, it was a great market. Lots of families roaming around, enjoying the fresh air and fresh food. A lot of new residents to Franklin stop by too, paying their first visit to the market. And our farmers enjoyed the day as much as you did. Thanks for your support of the Franklin Farmers Market!


Fresh farm grown Blueberries and Blueberry Syrup made just Friday night before Saturday market


A great year of nice Tennessee weather delivering wonderful CSA’s from Delvin Farms


So many farm fresh veggies to choose from


Another Chef picking up farm fresh cherry tomatoes?


A happy market visitor finding fresh apples and a sunflower


This smile says it all…A great week of farm fresh food ahead