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Go Farm Fresh for Super Bowl Sunday Snacks


Kirkview Farm fresh cabbage, carrots, squash and potatoes

Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market was windy and chilly; Sunday was sunny and very pleasant and today we’re back to shivering and freezing. At least the weather hasn’t kept our farmers from growing tasty winter vegetables for you.

We saw a lot of people taking home goodies like cabbage and carrots, beets and winter squash from such farms as Delvin Farms, Paradise Produce and Kirkview Farm.


Delvin Farm organic cabagges


Paradise Produce winter greens, carrots and beets


Flying S Farm Supper Bowl Cookies…Place you order now!

And many of you are already thinking Super Bowl Sunday snacks. There were plenty of folks stopping to sample the tasty goodies from BB’s Gourmet Pretzels which are perfect for munching in front of the TV. And did you see Flying S Farms’ Super Bowl cookies?  Too cool!

Goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy is also a good choice to make delicious snacks for football days.


Goat cheeses from Noble Spring Farms


Organic Salza from Delvin Farms for Super Bowl Sunday


Fresh made kitchen salads and pimento cheese spread from Lucy’s Kitchen


Lucy’s homemade soups

biscuit sandwiches

Hot biscuit sandwiches from Biscuit Love

Of course, when the weather is cold like it has been this month, there are some delicious ways to stay warm at market.

There are the hot delicious biscuit sandwiches from Biscuit Love, sweet warm treats from Ellie’s Old Fashion Doughnuts and the absolute best homemade rolls with Triple L Sausage patties from Jones Mill Farms.


Muffins and cinnamon rolls from Lucy’s Kitchen


Home baked cookies from Flying S Farm


Fresh made Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts


Hand knitted Alpaca Fleece garments from Legacy Acres

But the other big hit at the market this past Saturday had nothing to do with food. Legacy Acres Alpaca Farm booth was the place to be. Alpaca fleece is very soft and extremely warm. All the hats, gloves, scarves and other Alpaca goodies from Legacy Acres can make a chilly day downright pleasant.

All in all, this January is the coldest we’ve had in a long time but that hasn’t stopped the smiles at the market every Saturday. Take a look at the market’s photo gallery and see if we caught you or someone you know smiling at the market. Our thanks to you for coming out on chilly days to the FFM and supporting Tennessee farmers!

You can visit our Saturday market photos to see who was at market.


Everyone’s best friend was a propane heater on Saturday!

My Farm Fresh Breakfast this Labor Day Weekend

Free Range Chicken Eggs, Sourdough Rolls with Apple Jam and a slice of Heirloom Tomato and make for a mighty good farm fresh breakfast

Free Range Chicken Eggs, Sourdough Rolls with Apple Jam and a slice of Heirloom Tomato make for a mighty good farm fresh breakfast

We so enjoy our visits to the Franklin Farmers Market each Saturday morning eager to discover what our Tennessee Farmers have brought to market.  My favorite time of each weekend is to cook and enjoy the farm fresh produce, free range eggs, jams and preserves, heirloom tomatoes, fresh dairy butter and the all natural meats that don’t contain hormones or antibiotics.  I love the bolder flavors my taste buds get to experience when all my food is freshly picked and harvested.

This morning I was a little more excited about preparing breakfast because of what I found yesterday.  Judy of Jones Mill Farm had her first Fig preserves, I love Fresh Fig Preserves!  Now I have discovered one of those special finds-Judy had some Apple Jam.  OMG!!!

Apple Jam and Fig Preserves made fresh by Judy in her kitchen

Apple Jam and Fig Preserves made fresh by Judy in her commercial kitchen at Jones Mill Farm

Judy’s Apple Jam is the best Jam I’ve ever had.  The symphony of flavor created from her Apples, Brown Sugar, Lemons, Ginger, Cloves and Nutmeg sent my taste buds into a tasting celebration!  Such a wonderful balance of flavor and not overly sweet.  And of course the Fig preserves were outstanding as ever.

So here’s a few pictures of my simple quick breakfast using farm fresh free range eggs from West Wind Farm, I love the color and flavor from fresh free range chicken eggs.  And of course Judy’s sourdough rolls with the Apple Jam and Fig Preserves was just perfect to start my day!


West Wind Farms Free Range Eggs bring unexpected fresh flavor to scrambled eggs

Sourdough Rolls made from 100 year old sourdough darter with butter, free range eggs, water, honey, sea salt and yeast

Sourdough Rolls made from 100 year old sourdough starter with butter, free range eggs, water, honey, sea salt and yeast

Our Apple Jam is made with slices of farm fresh apples, brown sugar, lemons, ginger, cloves and nutmeg

Judy’s Apple Jam is made with slices of farm fresh apples, brown sugar, lemons, ginger, cloves and nutmeg

Fig Preserves on Sourdough Rolls are great for breakfast

Jones Mill Farm Fig Preserves on Sourdough Rolls are great for breakfast


Mission Complete…I’m ready for my day!

Please share a comment if you enjoy cooking with farm fresh produce, baked goods and locally raised natural meats from the Franklin Farmers Market.  Check out the pictures from Market Saturday’s.

Over 30 Different Tomato Varieties Now at the Franklin Farmers Market


Beaverdam Creek Tomatoes

How many tomatoes do you think we had at the Franklin Farmers Market this past Saturday? We’re not sure either, but we could say it was an invasion, because there were tomatoes everywhere.  Our Tennessee Farmers bring over 30 different varieties from red and yellow tomatoes, striped and purple tomatoes, big and small cherry tomatoes, including heirloom tomatoes and traditional favorites.  Perfect for canning and making relish or just a good old BLT. We love this time of the year, because it’s not just the number of tomatoes that is so high, but all of the other summertime favorites of the garden are ripe and ready to eat.


Bloomsbury Farm Wheat Grass


Farm Fresh picked Peaches and Cream Corn


Farm Fresh Produce and Herbs from Rocky Glade Farm


AssortedTie Dyed Clothing from Pieceful World Clothing


Artisan Woods by Cody

Bags of purple hull peas and green beans were being snapped up at the market, along with okra and bell peppers. Those sweet juicy peaches from Kirkview Farm were also a big hit.


Sweet Peaches and Apples from Rainbow Hill Farm


Kirkview Farms Purple Hull Peas and Melons


Ice Cold Limeade and teas from Lucy’s Kitchen

It was a little hot on Saturday… Okay, it was just flat out hot and muggy. But it didn’t matter. Folks were drinking ice cold, fresh limeade from Lucy’s Kitchen or dipping spoons into sweet delicious gelato from Hatcher’s Dairy to stay cool. And you know what one of the best things is about coming to the market? Even though you know what’s ripe and ready to eat, there’s always something new to enjoy too. Like Delvin Farm’s organic hot & spicy tomato juice. Great for cooking and drinking! Or like Rainbow Hill Farm’s Concord grapes.


Organic Bloody Mary Mix from Delvin Farms organic tomatoes


Concord Grapes from Rainbow Hill Farm


Beautiful Watermelons from Bronnenberg Farm

Circle August 24th on your calendars, because that’s a big, sweet seed-spittin’ fun day at the farmers market. It’s the Franklin Farmers Market Watermelon Festival, presented by our friends at the Williamson Herald and Southern Exposure Magazine.  You don’t want to miss the watermelon seed spitting or the fastest watermelon eating contests. There are games and face painting for the kids, wild watermelon carvings and plenty of ice cold watermelons to enjoy.


Cecil’s Tomatoes from Pocahontas Creek Farms

And finally, you know the old saying about the early bird getting the worm? That’s been the thought about the market too. Get there early to make sure you get the best of the farm fresh produce you want before it runs out. But trying to scope out the fresh picked veggies early at the market could be dangerous. Our Tennessee farmers and vendors start setting up their farm booths early, but there are so many farmers at the market that they all can’t get moved in at the same time. And if they are trying to unload their trucks and set things up, it’s not safe for you to walk around the market.

So we’re asking you to please wait until the market opens to start shopping. The Franklin Farmers Market opens at 8am. When you hear the bell ringing, come on in!

Don’t forget to visit our pictures from Saturday.


Canned Cucumbers from Norton Family Farm


Tomato Season is in Full Swing!


FFM Manager Deb with  Lex and Tim from Colbert Farm


These Farm Fresh Tomatoes are hand picked fresh, from the farm, by our Tennessee Farmers and their families as these tomatoes are from Zadok the Natural Farmer

Franklin Farmers Market on Talk of the Town

The Franklin Farmers Market was featured on WTVF Channel 5 Talk of the Town today with Lelan Statom and Meryll Rose honoring this years Franklin Farmers Market TomatoFest.

Franklin Farmers Market Recipe Book "Eating in Seasons"

Franklin Farmers Market Recipe Book “Eating in Seasons”

Gayle Franks represented the Franklin Farmers Market with a tomato pasta recipe from the farmers market new “Eating in Season” recipe cookbook!  Gayle chose to prepare and cook the recipe “Fusilli with Raw Tomato” with host Lelan Statom of WTVF News Channel 5 of Nashville, Tennessee.  The tomatoes used in today’s recipe were heirloom tomatoes, bradley tomatoes along with other tomato varieties from our farmers market.

Gayle did a wonderful job representing the Franklin Farmers Market on News Channel 5’s Talk of the Town with Lelan Statom.  Lelan asked about this years TomatoFest and Gail shared that visitors will be able to taste many of the different varieties of farm fresh tomatoes Tennessee Farmers grow and bring to our farmers market each Saturday morning.


Gayle Franks and Sharon Burbage selecting Heirloom Tomatoes for Talk of the Town Show


Dottie, Sharon and Gayle selling the Eating in Season market recipe cookbook on market Saturday

We expect a big day celebrating the Tomato used in so many fresh healthy food recipes at this Saturday’s Tomato Festival in Franklin, TN.  The Eating in Season recipe cookbook is designed to be used with farm fresh ingredients for family fresh cooking.  The new Franklin Farmers Market recipe book Eating in Season will be available for purchase every Saturday during market hours 8am till 1pm.


The Eating in Season Recipe Cookbook can be found at the Franklin Farmers Market each Saturday morning from 8am until 1pm

Hope to see you Saturdays at our Tennessee Farmers Market!

Memorial Weekend at the Market! Wow, just Wow!

WOW…that pretty much sums up this past Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market. The weather was perfect, the crowds were huge and the food was incredibly fresh and delicious. Almost everybody sold out!



Norton Family Farm

Getting into market was a bit of a challenge though and even with one of Franklin’s finest directing traffic, cars were still backed up over the railroad tracks on Liberty Pike.


Liberty Pike was backed most of the day


Thanks to Franklin Police Officers for directing traffic

No wonder why the crowds were so big. There were lots of goodies at the market, including a good supply of Tennessee strawberries, asparagus and tender cuts of steaks for the Memorial Day grill-out.


Ace’s Kettle Corn


Johnson’s Honey Farm

And as our farmers keep growing, so will the demand to buy delicious fresh food at the market.


Triple L Ranch

So here’s a tip on getting into the market faster: Use a different entrance.  Use the one closer to the front of The Factory complex, near the Liberty Pike/Franklin Road traffic light. Or better yet, use the entrance off Franklin Road that’s located on the far side of The Factory.

Just look for the market’s sign at the entrance, then use the parking at the side of the building.  Thank you to all our Tennessee Farmers on a wonderful day!


Purple Tree Farm

Hatcher Dairy Farm on NBC Today Show with Al Roker!

Did you get to see the Hatcher Family on the NBC Today Show yesterday morning? If you missed Al Roker of the Today Show broadcasting from the Hatcher Family Dairy Farm in College Grove, Tennessee, here are a few links to coverage of the show broadcast from the Hatcher Family Dairy.  What great weather for a special NBC Today Show segment with Al Roker direct from the Hatcher Family Farm!

Charlie Hatcher told me last week how excited they were that Sharon had entered a contest called “Wake Up With Al” 2 weeks ago.  After entering Hatcher Family Dairy online into the “Wake Up With Al” contest Sharon Hatcher received a phone call within a few hours asking them to be available for an interview.  From there, Charlie says it all happened so fast.  Congrats to the Hatcher Family on representing Middle Tennessee and Tennessee Farmers so well!  We are all so proud to have Hatcher Family Dairy as part of the Franklin Farmers Market!

Real Farmers!   Real Food!   Real Good!

Video of The Today Show broadcast

Watch it at Today.com

Charlie Hatcher Shares the Experience

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If you find any more footage from the Today Show segment “Wake Up With Al”, please email us and we will add it here.